my gotv is showing no signal
One of the major issue facing GOtv is the signal disconnection which appears as GOtv E48 “searching for signal” problem. In this post I’ll explain in details what I did when my GOtv is showing no signal and how I fixed all connection issues with no stress.
When you experience Error in decoder connection likewise no signal or connection lost message appeared, do not panic. Of course this article tells you how to easily correct your TV signal connection error. GoTV Nigeria: Subscription Payment, Customer Care, Self Service, Channels
Although not every “No signal” showed on your TV screen is from your GOtv decoder. As a result of  using flat screen TVs, sometimes flat TV shows a default “No Signal” message which displays whenever your connected devices disconnects from your TV.
That is to say it is important to identify when your TV is notifying you and when your GOtv decoder is displaying error.
The GOtv connection error E48 show on your TV screen is an example of a wrong or faulty physical connection or loss of network signal. However, when my GOtv is showing no signal how do I fix it?
Gotv signal
TV signal connection
This specific cause of “my GOtv showing is no signal” is very common. Knowing specifically where and how wrong or faulty connections can be fixed is a sure way of solving it. Passing through the GOtv decoder wire, to the GOtv Ariel antenna, a slight error connection of wire is enough to result to the E48 TV signal connection error. Here’s the difference between DStv vs GOtv
Similarly, when your GOtv Ariel antenna is facing the wrong direction – either obstructed by an object, changed by the wind or error during installation, it also gives the “No Signal” connection error E48.
On the other hand, you can fix the signal connection problem and my GOtv is showing no signal by taking care to re-check the entire wiring and all the physical connections, done during the installation from the decoder to the antenna point.
Family enjoying programs on GOtv
Family enjoying programs on GOtv
Subsequently, review the antenna position or direction. Adjusting to any new direction, also be sure to rescan your TV decoder for a new signal assessment of that direction. It is necessary that the antenna is raised very high to help in better signal reception. Gotv VS Startimes: Which One is Best Cable TV to Buy in Nigeria?


Gotv connection error mostly occur when the transmission mast providing signal to that particular area is down as a result of lack of maintenance or other factor that can cause GOtv signal strength 0.
In the same way this causative factor is rare, and my GOtv is showing no signal problem continues to occur as there is no perfect system in science and technology.
In conclusion, be informed for effective GOtv maintenance and installations, it’s recommended that an experienced or a professional GOtv installer is required.


  1. My gotv signal is off and on,I have tried unplugging the cables and replugging,i have also tried to change the antennas positio6 severally but to no avail.
    What should I do???

  2. Mine is worst, from time to time I reset and install I don’t really know what’s happening. I just subscribed this night but the purpose for the subscription was defeat as I could not watch anything

  3. A situation where by the channels has been showing and the signal keep fluctuating and some times it will go completely and after some hours, it will be restored but keep fluctuating, what is the cause of this?

  4. GOTV is fraudulent this past months. No signal and your subscription wasting without the company pay any compensation to the customers for the resources wasting


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