How To Get Spectrum Internet Assist Program Installed In Your Home

What is spectrum internet assist program? It is a low income internet assistance program which provides affordable and reliable internet assist to qualifying households. Spectrum internet assist is one of the best deal offered by this company to some households which comes with high speeds and great prices.

Spectrum Internet Assist Cost

However, Spectrum internet assist is a high-speed broadband service which places its Internet service fee at $14.99 monthly with speed of 30 Mbps. Whereas, the cheapest price for spectrum stand-alone internet is $54.99 per month with a speed of 100 Mbps.

Spectrum internet assist program

Although, including taxes and fees, SIA standard price is placed at $17.99 monthly. However, this fee comes with all standard internet features, also, a free modem and 0$ self-install cost. In the same vein, users interested in getting a Wi-Fi are to pay an additional charge of $5 per month for the renting of a wireless router. Moreover, its a stable price and no activation fee attached. Steps To Check If Spectrum Internet Is Down In Your Area & fixes

Is spectrum internet assist program good?

Here’s why you should apply for the service if you are eligible. It comes with;

  •  Free Internet modem
  •  High-speed Internet at 30 Mbps
  •  No data caps
  •  No contracts
  •  Optional in-home WiFi router renting at $5/mo

How do you qualify for spectrum internet assist

Here’s a list of people eligible for Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA):

  • Households with at least one kid who is part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Homes with at least a child who is enrolled on the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the
  • Senior citizens from 65 and above who also receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

With the details above, any household that meets these requirements will be given access inconsiderate of a poor credit score. Although, its necessary to clear any previous debt incurred with Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, or Time-Warner Cable before applying for spectrum internet assist. How To Add Spectrum Tv App To Samsung Smart Tv & Fire Tv StickHow to know if you are qualified for spectrum in

How to Apply for Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA)

There are two ways to apply, but first, ensure you meet any of the requirements and has no previous debt with either Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, or Time-Warner Cable. Here is how to apply for spectrum internet assist for qualified applicants.

    • Online application
    • Call 1.844.836.3869 to speak with a representative.

If you are applying through mail, send your form and required documentation to: Spectrum Internet Assist Program – OCS 4145 S. Falkenburg Road, Riverview, Florida 33578. Also you can download the application form, provide required documentation, scan and send it to: [email protected] Detailed Guide To Spectrum Tv Essentials – Tv App

Besides, you can easily get detailed info and be cleared whether you qualify to apply by reaching out to representative.

Finally, a response will be sent to you in no time regardless of the application method. If you are eligible for the service, the response will be followed by schedule and delivery of your service.

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