How To Fix Dstv / Gotv Account Has Been Suspended

Easy Gotv activation

Have you seen an error message on Dstv or Gotv account suspended even after you have made your subscription payment? No worries as this post will help you solve and fix the issue easily and by your own self. Best ways to watch Arabic channels in us

It so happens that many Dstv and Gotv users tend to encounter this error of account suspended mostly because of late subscription renewal. However, its recommended to pay for GOtv and DStv subscription early to avoid disconnection and getting account suspended.

For this reason, I will walk you through re-activation options you can try out by your self, so as to have your Dstv or GOtv account reactivated from the suspended mode.

The following are the alternative ways you should try out in your bid to restore suspended account or error on your decoder. Also, you can read on how to solve

Dstv satellite dish
Dstv satellite dish

error codes e48-23 and e016.

Restarting your Dstv or Gotv decoder
Firstly, differentiate between restarting and resetting since the two terms are different from one each other. In this post, I’m writing about restarting your decoder by turning it off and unplugging out the power cable for some seconds like 60. After that, you should put back your decoder into power and restart it again. This is an easy way to clear any network generated error both GOtv errors and DStv errors.

Use the Gotv or Dstv self help service web portal

Also you can recover suspended GOtv and Dstv account by accessing the self help portal, you will be able to fix more than a single issue or error. You are only required to provide your IUC number and pushing the clear button. This will clear your decoder error upon restarting your device.

¥Engage Dstv instant online live chat
Communicating with the Live Chat Team for immediate online assistance can go a long way in restoring your decoder.

Call Dstv / Gotv customer care numbers basing on your country
You can re-activate your suspended GOtv account by calling the customer service help numbers. Lay your complaint to them and they will do a remote reset from their end. This is another proven way to restore your GOTV and DStv account at ease.

You can use the contact numbers 0312245245, 0312246220 for DSTVUganda, 0711066000, 0204236000 DSTVKenya, 08039003788 DSTVNigeria and or, walk in to any of the Multi-choice offices in your country or state or city.

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