How To Use a Jigsaw Machine To Cut Curves, Carve woods, make straight lines & Maintenance

This post is about how to maintain jigsaw and how to cut curves perfectly using the right .

A jigsaw tool is a machine saw with a fine blade enabling it to cut curve or straight lines in a sheet of material such as wood, ply wood, ceramic, metal or even plastic

Jigsaw tool is an upgrade of the hand saw tool, its safer and easier to use. Another name for jigsaw is ‘reciprocating saw’ or ‘machine powered saw’ . It’s a power tool that works with either electricity or with battery. Jigsaw has a narrow blade fastened to its body by a spring loosed clamp at the front.

Jigsaw tools
           USES OF JIGSAW 

This reciprocating saw has a unique type of work like cutting curves, making holes, cutting shapes and straight line on almost any kind of material, in other words, jigsaw tool can be used for the following ;

  1. cutting curves
  2. pumpkin carving
  3. carpet coating
  4. ceramic tile cutting
  5. metal cutting
  6. wood cutting
  7. concrete cutting
  8. making bevel cuts
  9. Cutting countertops



One of the most common mistakes when using a jigsaw is the use of the wrong blade on a particular surface or material. To make it easier to avoid such error, we have to work the following;

How to select the best blade for your jigsaw

  • Wider blades are best for making long straight cuts
  • Narrow blades are best for cutting curves
  • Blades with very large and few teeth’s cuts very fast but the outcome is not smooth
  • Blades with small teeth are slower at cutting but the outcome is smooth and are also best for curves.

How To Use A JigSaw To Cut Curves And Carving

One of the most common mistakes in using the jigsaw tool is the use of the wrong blade on a particular surface or material. To make it easier to avoid such error, we have to ensure the following;

  1. The use of wider blades on a jigsaw is best for making long straight cuts.
  2. Narrow blades are best to cut curves on a jigsaw.
  3. Blades with massive and few teeth’s cuts very fast but the outcome is not smooth
  4. Blades with small teeth are slower at cutting, but the outcome is smooth and are also best for curves
    plug jigsaw to a nearby socket so you can reach all the edges. This is because you need to saw out neatly without stress, especially when using a battery pack jigsaw or insert the battery pack into the back of the machine.
    Before you make any move to work or cut using the jigsaw, protect your mouth to avoid inhalation of the dust or filth that would come from the material.
    *For a straight line: use a workshop rule, steel square, a rip of plywood or any another the direction rule to mark the line using a clamp to hold it together with the surface before following the bar very close you’re with your machine or using a pencil to simply draw out the straight line or follow the line directly with the jigsaw.
  • * For a curve line: using a pencil to mark the curve on the surface is easier you carve your curve uses an already existing curve object to draw out the angles, the larger compass could also be used. To cut, guide the blade at the beginning of the drawn curves, press the trigger, and slowly push it in the direction that was removed.
    locate the power trigger underneath the handle on top of saw pull the trigger and start the blade turn.
    start at the edge of the material you’re cutting and slowly push the blades through it, make sure you follow along the lines drawn on the surface

How to properly maintain JIGSAW after use

To keep your jigsaw tool long-lasting neat and to re-boost your resale value you need to follow some few tips on how to maintain it. Below are some of them

1.make sure that the body of the jigsaw is always clean and dry, there should be no dirt before and after use always clean the machine with a damp cloth to remove dirt from it

2.make sure the handle of the jigsaw is always oil or grease free to avoid it slipping off your hands when using It to cut curves at work. This could lead to injury or Miss Cutting especially when carvin.

  1. keep the blades clean always to avoid being built up with dirt and dust that might make it blunt, and this blade clean up can be easily done with the use of soft brushes.
  2. For cordless jigsaw, always charge the battery pack. It’s still better to set your jigsaw before putting it away so you can know you have a tool ready at any time for use and also to avoid battery weakening.
  3. for a jigsaw that uses cord always make cord doesn’t come in contact with water to prevent electric shock or other harms
  4. After using the jigsaw, keep it in a storage case
  5. from time to time; you have to replace worn-out parts of the jigsaw to give it a long-lasting period.

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