Step By Step How To Self Install Cox Internet & activation

Cox communication offers a high-speed internet of 100 MBPS, TV services, and digital telephone service. However, it’s among the top Internet providers in the US with over 20 million subscribers. With the Cox Internet self install, you’ll spend less and yet set up a high-speed internet connection to stream live tv shows, play video games, and surf the internet. However, contact a professional installer to assist with the Cox Internet setup if you problem installing it.

However, cox internet self-install takes only a few steps after which you will set up your modem and gateway. Depending on your choice, you will get either modem or cox gateway to assist with the Cox internet setup. If you choose the cable Internet, you’ll get a modem and a Cox gateway when you choose other connections. Follow the below steps to set up cox Internet yourself.

How to set up Cox Internet

Check the install kit – the Cox self install kit includes the Cox Gateway or modem, coaxial cables, a power adapter, an Ethernet cord, a cable filter, and a guide manual. So whichever way you got your equipment, confirm if the above-mentioned materials are handy.

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Position your modem – find a location to fix your modem/gateway. Choose where you normally spend time at home preferably the sitting room. This is to ensure maximum speed when using the internet connection. Moreover, keep it out of reach of children to avoid damages and disruption.

Connect the coax and power cable – now connect one end of the coax cable to a wall plus and the other to the port on the modem. After that, plug in the power cable to your modem and a power outlet.

Now, you will have to choose the next step depending on the connection you choose. Below is a guide to set up the cable modem and the Gateway self installation. Easy Xfinity internet Self-installation & Activation Guide

installing your cable modem

  • Allow the modem to ready – Wait for about 10 minutes for the Internet light to come up. Also, the modem will boot itself continually but that’s not an issue, it normally occurs during the Cox Internet installation.
  • connect the modem to a device – when the internet light becomes steady, use an ethernet cord to connect the modem to an internet-enabled device. For instance, a smartphone or PC.
  • Activate your cox Internet – After installing your internet, next is activation. Follow the steps right after the “Cox Gateway self installation” to activate Cox Internet yourself.

Cox Gateway self installation

  • Wait for the Internet and wifi to be ready – The WiFi gateway includes the modem and router. Wait till both the Internet and WiFi lights turn solid. Just like the modem set up, the gateway will as well boot up numerous times.
  • Connect a device to wifi – when the Internet and wifi light turns solid, you can then connect any wifi enabled device to the internet.

The wifi name and password are in the Quick Reference Card in your cox internet self-install kit. Also, you can find the wifi name and password underneath your equipment. After the Cox internet self install process, it’s time to activate the internet services. Follow the below steps to activate your Cox Internet.

How to activate Cox Internet

  1. Launch your browser
  2. Visit 
  3. Press “Next” as your page loads.
  4. Provide your details as requested.
  5. Provide the mobile phone number associated with the account.
  6. Verify your information
  7. Tick the box labeled as “All my equipment is installed at my Address”.
  8. Next is the Cox communications Privacy policy, after reading, choose the option “I Accept”.
  9. Click on Activate
  10. After that, you will be redirected to a new page. Stay on the page until the activation is complete.
  11. When the activation is completed, a new page will open and you will see a button labeled “Register Now”. Click it to finalize the activation.

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