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Step by step method to check your DsTv subscription expiring date in Nigeria

  • The owners of DStv, multichoice has made it simple for you to check your DsTv subscription expiring date in Nigeria

It’s now a history guessing your your TV renewal date or keeping reminder to remind you when to subscribe your dstv.

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Now its so easy that with only a few tap you can have your DSTV subscription expiry date displayed in your screen.

This update is quite necessary as it can help you follow up your favorite TV shows. No one finds it funny with the sudden blank inscription ‘YOUR SUBSCRIPTION HAS EXPIRED’  that shows up when you are watching interesting program, just because you have not renew your subscription before its expiry date.

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Now you don’t need to stress about that. You can quickly keep up to date with your DSTV subscription date.

How to Check Your DSTV Subscription Expiry Date in Nigeria

Multichoice (the owners of Dstv and gotv) introduced three different ways for DSTV subscribers to check their TV subscription expiry date. Dstv customers can check their subscription expiry date via:

  • SMS
  • DSTV Now app
  • DSTV self-service

1. How to Check Your DSTV Subscription Expiry Date in Nigeria Through SMS

One can now easily check DSTV subscription expiry date using SMS from any network. To check the expiry date, all you have to do is text DUE  give a space then followed by your DSTV smartcard number and send it to 30333. That is, text DUE [space] SMARTCARD NUMBER to 30333.

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This method is very fast. When I tried it, I received a reply in not more than 10 seconds after sending the command requesting for my DSTV expiration date. It cost N20 per SMS, which I feel is quite not cheap. I also had an issue with the SMS I sent. DSTV couldn’t figure out my expiration date. Don’t know why. Check yours and use the comment box to give us feedback.

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2. Easy Ways to Use DSTV Now app to Check Your Subscription Expiry Date In Nigeria

Another fair method of checking your decoder subscription expiry date is by using the DSTV Now app.

The multichoice app was mainly launched to allow their customers to enjoy their favorite TV shows in any location they are. It has both web-based and mobile and making it accessible on desktops, iPads as well as on smartphones.

To be able to check your DSTV subscription expiry date in the DSTV Now app, you’ll need to install and sign up with your Smartcard.

To register; follow this procedures

  • Install the DSTV Now app on your mobile phone or simply visit
  • Tap on the blue button ‘Get started’
  • Choose ‘Nigeria’ from the drop-down menu
  • Input your smartcard number
  • Tap on the blue button ‘Next’
  • Input your mobile number
  • You’ll get a onetime activation code from DSTV. Input it in the space given and you’re all set to enjoy the service

To check your DSTV subscription expiry date in Nigerian using dstv now app;

  • Login to the DSTV Now app with your phone number and smart card number
  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • All information about your DSTV bouquet and subscription expiry date will be shown

3. How to Check Your DSTV Subscription using the DSTV Eazy Portal

DSTV Eazy portal is an online platform introduced by Multichoice to serve for all DSTV customers.

With this portal, you can make payments for subscription, call for maintenance, get installers and dealers close by, and view your subscription status.

Using this platform does not require any kind of registration or long process. All that is required of you is your smartcard number, you can always see your subscription expiry date for free and as many times as you wish.

To check your subscription,

  • Go to the DSTV Eazy website at
  • Tap on ‘My Account’ from the options
  • Put in your registered mobile phone number or smart card number and tap on the blue ‘sign in’ button

After logging in, your full account information will be displayed. What you will be expecting to see is your account balance, expiry date as well as your smartcard number.

I will encourage you to download the DSTV Now app as it seems to be an easier way for you to be checking your subscription expiry date regularly with no stress and at no cost. Plus, if you’ll want to enjoy your favorite channels wherever you are, yes wherever you are even without your decoder. The app is your best option and will serve you just like you decoder does with no additional charge.

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Also, if you don’t wish to pass through all the stress of checking your subscription expiry date and re subscribing it at the end of every month, you can choose to use the KongaPay service.

KongaPay gives you the opportunity to put your DSTV subscription on automatic renewal. Using this, you won’t be disturbed by any interruption coming from subscription issues when streaming your favorite shows just because you have not renewed your subscription.

So now that’s all we have about checking your DSTV subscription expiry date in Nigeria. Feel free to use the comment box to share you thoughts. Also share this post using the sharing box below.

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