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How To Fix Hulu Buffering And Playback Error

If your Hulu keeps buffering when streaming your favorite tv shows, or you keep experiencing playback failure on your streaming app here’s the fix. In some cases, you only have to improve the connection to stop buffering when streaming.

However, the major causes of Hulu errors include poor connection and system updates. Although there could be other causes of playback errors, in particular, yet following this guide would get it fixed.

 Hulu buffering and playback error

Therefore, in this article, I’ll walk you through step by step guide to fix Hulu playback failure and buffering when streaming. Try streaming a video to see if the error is fixed after going through each fix.

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Check your connection

The first step to fixing errors when streaming is checking your internet connection. There could be some processes running and slowing down your connection when streaming on a laptop or phone. Consider closing apps running in the background and restrict background data. Also, your connection settings could be the reason why Hulu keeps buffering when watching videos. Clearing of browser cache could help resolve the playback errors. So, after attempting these fixes, check if the problem is resolved before jumping to the next fix.

Restart Hulu

Restarting the Hulu app should fix buffering, freezing, and poor quality video when streaming. To restart Hulu, close down the app on your device and open it again. If you are streaming on a mobile device, close other apps running in the background. You may have to perform a power recycle so to reset your device’s processes and close hidden system apps initiated by your activities. So restart your devices including the modem and router.

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Improve your internet connection

Most times, the reason why Hulu keeps buffering is as a result of a poor connection. If your Tv is placed far from your home internet, you might have to consider buying a router on Amazon or a wifi booster to speed up the internet connection. Alternatively, reposition your home internet close to your streaming device.

Reduce devices connected to your home internet

You are likely to experience connection errors as well as freezing videos on Hulu when your streaming device is connected to an Internet with a workload more dan its capacity. Consider disconnecting some devices from your home internet and reconnect when to be used. However, if your Hulu is not loading, get a top wi-fi router for streaming and enjoy high-speed internet.

Fix issues with wi-fi router

Sometimes, you experience Hulu keeps buffering or freezing even when there’s no issue with both your streaming device and home internet. This is as a result of using the router either not well positioned or it’s getting faulty. Sudden freezing of videos is a sign that there is a problem with your router. Also poor video quality and other connection errors are likely to be caused by a weak wi-fi router. However, you can reset your home Internet if you experience a connection error. Follow the below guide to reset your wi-fi router.

1: using the home button on your remote, navigate to settings.

2: go to General Network and hit the “enter” button on your remote.

3: navigate down and press on reset network and confirm by clicking YES.

4: after that, set-up the network again and open HULU.

Update Hulu app

Updating hulu apps will fix most problems with your streaming device. You can easily update your Hulu app by visiting the mobile app store.

If after going through all these fixes to get issues with your Hulu playback failure resolved and yet you are still having problems with streaming failure, contact your internet provider for assistance.

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How to fix Hulu App not working on Apple TV

If you experience the Hulu app not working on Apple TV, here’s how to resolve it. First uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app on your tv.

Switch on your Apple TV and launch iMyfone Fixppo and then click on “standard mode” to start the recovery mode.

To install hulu app on any device, search using the search bar and click on the download button when found.

After downloading the software, you can begin the foxing process and then wait for the process.

Check out the compatibility to install the Hulu app on your Apple TV and proceed to the next stage.

Restart the Apple TV using the reset button and then, go to update apps on Apple TV and then automatically update your apps.

Also, you can easily restart the Hulu app and then turn off send data to Apple and proceed to the general settings.

Choose the general settings and after that, restore Apple TV to factory settings and apply for the reset tab to start Hulu on Apple TV.

After that, close all the internet tabs and then click on the “done” button at the end of the task.

After carefully going through the above steps you can now access your Hulu app using your Apple TV comfortably. In the same vein, if the error persists, you still experience Hulu not showing on Apple TV, reset the Apple TV. If that did not fix the issue, un-install and install the Hulu app on your device again.

How to Reset Hulu on Apple TV:

  • Switch on your Apple TV and navigate to Settings.
  • On the settings, choose Reset.
  • And then, select the Restore option.
  • Wait for a minute and your Apple TV reset is complete. Also, all the apps on your tv will reset including the HULU app.
  • If you wish not to reset the whole apps or your apple device, you can simply open the Hulu app separately to reset it to the factory settings.

How to fix Hulu app not working on smart TV

If the Hulu App is not working on your smart tv or not loading, You can simply fix by rebooting your tv.

How to Reboot a smart TV

  1. power on the smart tv.
  2. using the remote and press and hold power button.
  3. keep holding the power button until the tv logo appears on your tv screen.

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