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You could receive an Amazon gift card from a shopping store or as a gift from a relative and you don’t know what to buy with it. As a first-timer, you’ll be searching for stores that accept gift cards and items to shop with it.

There isn’t much to do as you can easily buy items with Amazon gift card online and in Amazon Stores near you.

You can exchange gift cards for items of equal value. Most retail stores in the United States do not accept gift cards as means of payment, so you would have to sell online or to a friend to shop with the cash gotten from the exchange. However, Amazon pay is different from gift cards and is not used as a replacement. Below are the top 10 items to buy with an Amazon gift card.

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Buy with Amazon gift card

What to buy with Amazon Gift card

Streamline devices – with a streaming stick, you wouldn’t have to worry about downloading different streaming apps to your smart tv. Using an Amazon gift card to buy a streaming stick will save you the stress of cable tv setups, and contracts. Moreover, streaming devices are cheaper than both cable and satellite TV. Roku streaming stick and Amazon fire stick are streaming devices to buy on Amazon using a gift card. You can buy a Roku media player here.

Kitchen utensils – there are several kitchen utensils you’ve wanted to buy. On receiving an Amazon gift card as a gift, you can use it to shop on Amazon either online or in stores near you. Some appliances like an electric kettle, knives, grinders, are essential in the kitchen. So it’s up to you to decide which to shop for with your gift card. You can get OXO SteeL 15 Piece Utensil Set on Amazon.

Wireless accessories – There are a couple of wireless devices you can get on the Amazon online store. Apple AirPods, amazfit, Bluetooth speaker, and several other wireless accessories that are available on Amazon online store can be purchased using Amazon gift cards when redeemed and added to the account balance. You can get apple AirPods with wireless charging here.

Toys – toys are among the most shopped items on Amazon. This day, toys aren’t only for kids anymore. Buying that toy you’ve long wanted on Amazon would be a good idea when you have a gift card handy. However, every kid wants a toy, make selections according to their preferences. You can shop for water doddle mat on Amazon.

Seasonal Events – shopping for gifts for seasonal celebrations and birthdays are satisfactory when shopped and sent through Amazon. School bags, cards, and other accessories can be purchased on Amazon online. Similarly, shopping for decorative items to give your home a festive look should be best if done at home so you can relate to home glance.

Electronics and Digital services

Mobile Phones – Buying phones online on Amazon will enable you to make the best selection as you will have enough time to carefully check the specifications. Also, you can compare different brands to see which has the best performance. However, you can use Amazon gift cards to shop for Apple iPhones, androids, and other mobile devices at the comfort of your home.

Laptops and desktops – just like mobile devices, using gift cards to buy laptops and desktops from home would be satisfactory. This will allow you to make research about a specific product and make the best selection.

Tv sets – there is a wide selection of TV sets available. However, making the best selection will require thorough research about your desired brand and model. So, using Amazon gift cards to buy a television online could be just what you need. Quick Way To Recover Lost Amazon Gift Card Today

Kindle ebooks – Buying the desired ebook has been made simple with Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle made it easier to buy, download, and read ebooks. So, if you have an Amazon gift card unused code right in front of you, why not shop for that ebook you’ve long wished for.

Bitcoin – unlike before, you can now buy Bitcoins with Amazon gift card on several online platforms. There are several reputable websites to buy Bitcoin with Amazon gift card, they include, coincola, paxful, and others.

Puzzle Games – Puzzle games cool and refresh your memory, mostly when stressed. Card games in general would help cheer up and brighten your mood. So, you can buy a puzzle game on Amazon to distract from after-work worry.

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