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step by step how to connect two TV set to one GOTV decoder in Nigeria

How to connect many television set to just one GOTV  decoder     Its no longer a big deal to connect two tv set to one decoder has it has been made very simple by many decoder service providers . At times situation arise when

Quik home repair tips & maintenance techniques for household appliances

Generally, household electrical appliances require continual maintenance as they keep on developing issues on daily basis. This is a result of steady usage of these gadgets. However, these domestic appliances are like set up box, wall satellite dish and TV box are necessary for improvement

Easy tips on Startimes satellite dish installation.

STEP BY STEP guide on STARTIMES satellite dish installation If you want to install and set your Startimes NIGERIA antenna, follow these steps guide on satellite dish installation guide. Make sure that you put your satellite antenna at a greater height Ensure that the dish

step by step how to install consat tv

Step by step how to install consat system Consat TV service is a Direct to Home (DTH) broadcasting service that is owned and managed by CBS (Continental Broadcasting Service, owners of TVC and Radio Continental). Consat TV boast of 53 free channels after installation and

10 common electrical and electronics device mistakes and how to avoid them

TOP 10 MISTAKES WE MAKE WHEN WHEN USING ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS DEVICE We really face somany problems when it comes to electrical side,so many people do makes drastic mistakes when using electrical and electronics device .some of this mistakes include >>>>> Pressing device when plugged

Step by step how to fix gotv antenna

How to fix gotv antenna   This is what the GOtenna looks like straight out of the box. 1 Pull the cable through the middle of the antenna grid. 2 Screw the cable onto the yellow plastic box of the antenna. 3 When secured, slide