Best TV shows to brighten your day – car & wildlife videos

Maybe you’re stressed or simply want to brighten up your mood, you’re searching for some interesting TV shows to ease up. Although there are thousands of car tv shows, entertainment, and wildlife videos on Netflix yet, some would go on to add to your mood or just unsuitable for kids.

There is a couple of interesting shows on tv to get off that moody feeling, relax, and either stream on Netflix on your phone or watch the tv shows with family right on the big screen.

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Wildlife videos

Wild life videos

There are a couple of zoos shows on tv to lift your spirits. If you watch animal planet, you’ll discover how exciting it can get from animal games to fights. Pit bulls and parolees which started in 2009 and mysteries from the abandoned animal have been on trend for animal planet fans. Here are some wild shows on animal planet to entice your feelings away from stress.

Top TV shows on animal planet

  • Chasing monsters
  • Lone star law
  • mysteries from the abandoned animal
  • Pit bulls and parolees
  • Beast-kept secrets
  • Surviving joe exotic
  • The Last Frontier
  • My Cat from
  • The secret life of the zoo
  • Rocky Mountain vet

On the national geographic wild, animal documentaries and programs that go deep into wildlife. When scrolling through the tv channels list and you catch the safari brothers, I doubt you’d like to hit the skip button.

While National Geographic wild tv shows mostly include animal fights and hunting, there exist some programs suitable for kids. Here are some tv shows on nat geo wild.

National Geographic wild tv shows list

  • The Incredible Dr. Pol
  • K’s Exotic Animal ER
  • Monster Croc Wrangler
  • Secrets of the Zoo
  • Dog: Impossible
  • Kingdom of the White Wolf
  • Snake City 
  • Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

Car tv shows

Car tv shows

There are a series of interesting car exhibitions and live shows. Here are some fv shows about cars.


On hyperdrive, drivers come with their vehicles to race. It’s quite interesting as you’ll watch super expensive car racing with an inferior car. To enhance the experience, drivers are given a chance to share their views before getting on track.

Top Gear.

Top gear remains a top car show to watch. Although it now has new management, yet the value and entertainment remain. They focus on car reviews, test driving by veteran test drivers, and welcome celebrity guests.

Grand Tour

After quitting the Top Gear show, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman created the Grand Tour which is similar to Top Gear car show. However, with ratings on different platforms, one can conclude that the Grand Tour is becoming more interesting and drivers favorite.

Fastest car

The fastest car is yet another reality TV show. It’s a racing show where drivers compete with each other. Just before getting on track, drivers are interviewed live to know their views. Moreover, the racing cars will be on display for everyone to analyze and guess which would be the fastest. They display expensive cars, like Lamborghini and other sports cars.

Formula 1: Drive to survive

This show allows drivers to tell their stories, their experiences, and their fears in the game. Moreover, Formula 1 drivers get to talk about their family and what’s giving them the motivation in the game.

Comedians in car getting coffee

Just like the name implies, Jerry Seinfeld drives down the street to pick up comedians and go for a coffee. It doesn’t just go that simple, as lots of pranks go down on the way. Moreover, they discuss some facts about cars while getting you entertained. With the list of already featured celebrities and one’s expected, follow up on Netflix to have fun.

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