Sweet sixteen:30 questions and answers you should expect

1.What is the title given to chapter two of the novel ‘sweet sixteen’ ?.
*ANS. The drive*

2. How many times did Aliya read her 16th birthday letter?
*ANS. Twice*

3. What profession did Mr. Bello mother involved in to earn a living?
*ANS. Petty Trading*

4. What nick name did Mr. Bello give his sister?
*ANS. Big mummy*

5. When does Aliya call her father Mr. Bello instead of Daddy?
*ANS. She calls him that whenever she wanted to get him to do something*

6. Aliya the greatest gift on her Sixteenth birthday was?
*ANS. The birthday letter.*

7. The name of the website which Aliya mentioned where things could be downloaded and her father had no knowledge of was?
*ANS. NetflixIn*

8. Aliya’s sixteenth birthday letter her dad wrote about their saturday outing, what was the main topic of discussion in that letter?
*ANS. Sex*

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9. What is the name of the magazine that Aliya read that had the topic sex in it:
*ANS. Cosmopolitan.*
10. Who was the owner of the magazine cosmpolitan that Aliya read?
*ANS. Aunty Molara*

11. You better dont get us killed ” Who said this and why?
*ANS. Mr. Bello when Aliya wrapped her arms around him in the car, and said so because he did not want to loose cautious and get involved in an accident.*

12. What is the nickname Mrs. Bello gave to her husband and her child whenever they were arguing was?
ANS. Tom and Jerry.

13. What did Aliya buy as snacks when they where going on Saturday outing?
*ANS. Vanilla , chocolate Ice cream for herself and Orange juice for father.

14. What was the name of the eatery that Aliya bought the snacks from during their evening Saturday outing?
*ANS. Aunty Gigis.*

15. On Aliya’s outing with her dad what was she wearing?
*ANS. A pair of Blue jeans with a chelsea football club jersey with the writing first lady printed on the back which her dad bought fromLondon with sandals.*

16. ”You are going to be worst than your mom, he said with a broad grin”, come on lets go. Who said this and why?
*ANS. Mr. Bello said this when Aliya spent time to dress her hair to look like a lady which she claimed to be.*

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17. Grandma commented: aliya house with fence looked like a ?
*ANS. Prison.*

18. Why did Aliya thinks that the girls she saw on the road selling oranges and groundnut in plastic bags were having much fun , why did she think so?
*ANS. They had opportunity to go to anywhere they wanted and meet many people.

19. What did Mr. Bello describe Aliya’s Innocent mind as ?
*ANS. A beautiful Room.*

20. One of the main videos produced by netflix according to Aliya was?
*ANS. House of Cards.*

21. What did Aliya’s father do to take care of himself and guarantee a meal in his childhood days?
*ANS. Hawking of wares.*

22. On their way they got to a junction and Mr. Bello was involved in bad driving , he raised his hands in apology but this was pointless why?
*ANS. Their rear window was tinted.*

23. To talk on Aliya’s menstruation period her dad asked her a simple question to start the conversation what was the question?
*ANS. ”What do you know about Menstruation”.*

24. Apart from sex what did Mr. Bello advise his daughter not to be involved in?
*ANS. Bad friends, vulgarity, bad language and violence.*

25. Of all advise Mr. Bello give to his daughter which one was more emphasized?
*ANS.” Don’t let anyone touch your private part”.*

26. On their Saturday outing morning what made Aliya’s mom not to be at home?
*ANS. She was on morning shift.*

27. To Aliya her fathers letter made him her ?
*ANS. Prophet when she recalled the story of prophet lukman who God sent to teach his son.*

28. As Aliya read her fathers letter in totality what happened?
*ANS. She cried without knowing and had to dab the letter to avoid erasure of the ink*

29. Why did Aliya resolve to keep the letter for the nearest future?
*ANS. So she could show her children.*

30. During the Saturday outing they drove pass a van that has an inscription on it , what was written on thst van?
*ANS. No condition is permanent but at a glance read condition is permanent because some letters faded off.
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