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WhatsApp reduce message forwarding limit to fight rumours



WhatsApp is reducing the forwarding number a user can forward messages to WhatsApp groups or to individual accounts. Putting the limit to be five, beginning on coming Monday, the well known messaging service hope to fight “misleading information and rumours”, one of the company executives narrated on Monday.

Till the time of writing this post, a WhatsApp user can forward a message to not more Dan 20 individuals or groups.

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But the limit of 5 is expanding a measure the messaging service introduced in India in July 2018.

WhatsApp, a messaging app which boost of not less than 1.5 billion users worldwide, has been doing their very best to find a lasting solution to curb misuse of the app.

The app’s “end-to-end encryption” enables groups of tons of users to share texts and Media and not been seen or exposed to a third party. This “end -to-end encryption” made it possible for private chats to stay out of sight of “independent fact checkers” or even the company itself.

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WhatsApp is expected to bring out an update that will enforce the new forwarding limit, starting from coming Monday.


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