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top ten richest states in nigeria 2019

The top 10 richest states in Nigeria 2019 will be listed here based on their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in millions of US Dollars.

richest states in nigeria 2019

Table of Contents

  • LAGOS STATE (GDP: $33,679 billion)
  • RIVERS STATE (GDP: $21,073 billion)
  • DELTA STATE (GDP: $16,749 billion)
  • OYO STATE (GDP: $16,121 billion)
  • IMO STATE ($14,212 billion)
  • KANO STATE ($12,393 billion)
  • EDO STATE ($11,888 billion)’
  • AKWA IBOM STATE ($11,179 billion)
  • OGUN STATE ($10,470 billion)
  • KADUNA STATE ($10,334 billion)

LAGOS STATE (GDP: $33,679 billion)

richest states in nigeria
(Photo: Lagos State)

Lagos is the richest and also most developed state in the nigeria 2019 with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $33,679. The GDP of lagos is the highest in the country. In fact, its GDP is much more bigger than that of 21 states in nigeria and 40 African nations join together.

The state is the 5th largest economy in Africa 2019 with internally generated revenue of N302 billion which is greater than that of 30 states combined.

Currently, Lagos state is said to have a population of over 22 million residents. lagos state state capital is ikeja.

RIVERS STATE (GDP: $21,073 billion)

top 10 richest states in nigeria 2018
(Photo: Rivers State)

declared in 1967 out of the defunct eastern region, Rivers is one of the richest states in Nigeria 2019 with a GDP of $21,073 billion. It would be recalled that oil was first discovered in Nigeria in Oloibiri, Rivers State and the oil sector has grown over the years to become a very important aspect of the country’s economy. the major economic hub of this sate are port harcourt and omoku

Currently, the oil sector accounts for over 90% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and 80% of its budgetary revenues. The state capital, Port Harcourt is the oil and gas hub of the country and there is a high concentration of oil companies there. its state capital is port harcourt.

DELTA STATE (GDP: $16,749 billion)

list of richest state in nigeria 2018
(Photo: Delta State)

Delta is one of the major  oil-producing states in nigeria and this status has gone to become one of the richest states in nigeria. The state is known as the Finger of GOD and it has many major cities, Warri ,Asaba, effurun, sapele, ugheli etc

Warri is known as the industrial and commercial hub of the state. You will find so many multinational oil and gas companies and offshore oil platforms in the state. There is also the annex government house there. On the other hand, Asaba is just the political and administrative capital of the state. The annual IGR of Delta state is N44 billion.

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OYO STATE (GDP: $16,121 billion)

richest state in nigeria 2018
(Photo: Oyo State)

Oyo state is found in the  South West region of  Nigeria, Oyo state is one of the biggest states in the country by size and one of the riches states in nigeria 2019. In fact, Ibadan which is the capital of the state is assumed to be the largest city in the whole of West Africa. The agricultural activities in the state are the source for much of its wealth. The state is an agricultural state and with a vast area of land ready for mechanized farming.

The weather in the state encourages the cultivation of crops like millet, rice, cashew, cocoa and so many other cash crops.

The state is also known of its large population and as it haves a common boundary with Lagos and there is a spillover of some of the occupants from the megacity to the state.

IMO STATE ($14,212 billion)

richest state in nigeria today
(Photo: Imo State)

this is a state created out from the defunct eastern region of Nigeria, it is known as the eastern heartland, Imo State being at the 5th position is no mistake as it has so many oil and gas project going on in the state and it has gotten it to be  one of the richest states in nigeria 2019.

despite its small population, not so surprisingly afterall, the recent growth in the state’s oil and gas sector has skyrocketed the state’s fortune. Imo is now officially in the list of oil producing states in Nigeria. there are not less than 160 oil wells in the state . and they also contribute to agricultural sector.

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KANO STATE ($12,393 billion)

top 20 richest state in nigeria
(Photo: Kano State)

this is one of the most ancient states and also the economic power house of the north northern nigeria and one of the richest states in nigeria 2019.

It’s capital is Kano and it is largely a commercial town, beautified with series of  modern buidings, malls, markets,companies, industries (textile, leather,still, cotton) and lately the longest flyover in west africa was commissioned in kano which is the state capital city.

its population is competing with that of lagos doe its far larger than lagos in size but lagos is arguably more populated. It is a state that survives mostly in agriculture and industries. it has been free from insurgency disturbing some part of the north.

The state of Kano cashes up to N30 billion per annum in IGR.

EDO STATE ($11,888 billion)

top richest state in nigeria
(Photo: Edo State)

this is another ancient state located in the south south or most preferably and in the Niger Delta region. it is also one of the richest states in nigeria 2019.

Edo State is seen as another major economic and commercial hub in the niger delta region trailing behind Rivers and Delta states.

It’s capital is Benin City and it is a congested city and the population tends to be more than that of rivers state.

The ancient state is also one of  the oil producing states in the country and other natural resources located there.

The state produces an annual IGR of N23 billion.

AKWA IBOM STATE ($11,179 billion)

richest state in south east nigeria
(Photo: Akwa Ibom State)

Akwa Ibom state is one of nigeria  coastal area and it boarders  Atlantic ocean in the south and is home to construction giant  desicon gruop and also Exxon Mobil, which is one of the world’s most popular and  luxurious oil companies.

The state capiital is uyo which is currently progressing and it also have one of the best football stadium in the country. it has so many other oil and gas companies operating with so many oil fields and oil platforms.

The state’s population is one of the lowest in the country and also is yet to be tag busy state, but of course there’s plenty of oil in this coastal state that makes it to generate such high GDP and  growth of revenue.

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OGUN STATE ($10,470 billion)

list of nigerian states by gdp 2018
(Photo: Ogun State)

ogun state is another state  that is located in western region of the country and it is sharing close boarder with Lagos and also most of its residents are coming from lagos. it is arguably regarded as the most industrialized state in Nigeria after Lagos. Its capital abeokuta has one of the largest industrial estate in nigeria.

some of the industries are; Procte and Gambler, Lafarge, , Nestle Nig. Plc .Dangote. Ogun state is the 4th largest state in Nigeria when it comes to revenue generated by states, which it generates more than N77 billion.

It’s also boasts as a state with highest number of high institutions in Nigeria and also highest number of Christian religious camp grounds.

ogun state also participate majorly in mordern agriculturally especially now that one of the largest farms in the nigeria (Ota Farm owned by former president Olusegun Obasanjo) is within the states.

KADUNA STATE ($10,334 billion)

top 10 richest states in nigeria
(Photo: Kaduna State)

kaduna state is another state in the north that appears in the list. it is a state in the north that is regarded as the center of learning  in the northen part of the country.

being declared a state in 1967, it has since then  grown to become a well known metropolis in the northern nigeria. It also has a many number of higher institutions and other civic centers in different parts of the state. it is more sociable and flexible when you compare it with other states in the north. read also>>>how to buy 1gb data plan with N2OO

it generates its income from agriculture and industries. also their is a alot of market activities going on in the states.

this is a list of top 10 richest states in Nigeria (2018)

  • Lagos State
  • Rivers State
  • Delta State
  • Oyo State
  • Imo State
  • Kano State
  • Edo State
  • Akwa Ibom State
  • Ogun State
  • Kaduna State

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