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So you really made a payment for Amazon Prime free shipping and exclusive online sales, and may be now you’re thinking of what you could get out of this streaming service, too. Here we have listed out the best amazon prime movies and all other movies that can be streamed free with your amazon Prime subscription, just in case if you are ready for a TV show? Amazon Prime has a rising set of original series, including amazon prime original shows that have already won Emmys. In this post you will get to see some network-TV classics that may have escaped your mind. Below are updated list of best top amazon prime original shows this month

  • The Americans
    there is a wonderful work done on the FX programming on Amazon Prime original shows, and this is considered by many as the network’s best program ever. When lists of the best amazon programs 2019 comes out, this will probably be on top.

Angels in America
This is a good example of prime-era HBO on Amazon Prime, so is just the beginning of comic entertainment, drama TV series shown by the pioneers of Prestige TV.

Band of Brothers
This is a well known and among best limited TV series of all time, this Band of Brothers was the kind of television show that seems rare even today.

Battlestar Galactica
No, not even the 1978 B-classic, the wonderful smart 2004 reboot (that really started with a 2003 miniseries that is obtainable in Prime). The New York Times recognized this amazon prime original show and also named it among top 20 best TV shows ever.

Big Love
HBO’s family drama show seems not to gave been recognized the way it should be, always falling behind the shadow of other tv giants on the service like The SopranosThe Wire, and Deadwood.

Boardwalk Empire
Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese brought head together to cook up this wonderful adaptation of Nelson Johnson’s nonfiction story.

This is among the best original Amazon Prime shows list we made just like our previous post about original Netflix shows to thatstreaming giant. Yet, we had to create an avenue for the always-reliable Bosch.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
curb TV is not funnier than Larry David’s Emmy-winning creation, a bigger improvised comic course in cringe humor that redefined cable TV.

This is considered as Among the best television shows of all time. It just returned to HBO after more than 10 years of its cancellation with the name Deadwood: The Movie. sometimes you may be wondering why fans found it so entertaining to revisit David Milch’s Western, you won’t be told as all the three seasons of the program are available on Amazon Prime to make you understand why people cherish it alot.

Doctor Who
All the episodes of Doctor Who are obtainable on Amazon Prime, as this list is done majorly for the modern viewers.

The Wire
Television doesn’t get more ambitious than David Simon’s five-season examination of life in a modern city. Using Baltimore as his template, Simon looks at every aspect of urban life, starting with what first seems like a simple-but-smart look at cops and criminals and expanding the canvas to include dock workers, educators, journalists, and politicians over the course of the series run. There’s a reason some people consider this the best show in the history of television.

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