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Tips To Back Up Your Android Smartphone without rooting

Planning ahead with google backup for android has been proved to be the simplest way to make sure your data isn’t lost when your android phone get lost or stolen. The fact is that Google automatically syncs your contacts, calendar appointments, docs, and even app purchases — but it wont backup all this to your google account if you don’t give it permission to do so. While it will preserve a lot of your data, there are so many other methods and also backup programs that you might want to consider. Read on to find out how to back up your Android phone’s content to your PC.

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Stick with Google to backup android phone

Enabling Google backup to back up your stuff will be offering depending on the phone, and there are so many ways to enable it. The simplest means is Settings > Google > Backup. On a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can also do this via Settings > Cloud and accounts > Backup and restore > Google account. If you are using Google’s android phones or another brand of Android device, then you can also follow these simple steps: Settings > System > Advanced > Backup > Back up to Google Drive. For phones running Android 8.1 and up, that should cover the below listed:

For some of the older Android devices, the full list is listed below:

  • Google Contacts data
  • Google Calendar events and settings
  • Wi-Fi networks and passwords
  • Wallpaper
  • Gmail settings
  • Apps
  • Display settings
  • Language and input settings
  • Date and time
  • Settings and data for apps not made by Google

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It won’t be a big task to also take the advantage of personalization to add more to what you wish to backup in google account.  To do this, go to Accounts and tap on your Google account, now click Account sync. On a Samsung Galaxy, this is how it will look like Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Google > Sync account. This way of backing up android phone to google account carries on android phone, but what we are searching for is a long drop down of sync icons comprising of popular listing like Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google Fit data, Google News, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Keep Notes, People details, Play Games Cloud Save, and many other services you may want to to backup  google drive. The list may be slightly different depending on the content of your android phone. Make sure to enable all that you may want to backed up to google account.

Drag and drop content from your device to PC

Guide on how to perform full backup of android to PC without using android backup software;

Photos, videos, and music stored in your Android phone may also be transferred directly to your PC or Mac by using a USB cable to plug your android device  to your computer and then copy it to your hard drive. This isn’t actually the perfect way to backup android phone but its the cheapest, simplest and does not require any attention to perform it.

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If you are using these simple method to backup your phone to PC, all you will have to do is to plug your phone into your computer and if it doesn’t pop up as a drive straight away, pull down the notification shade on your device, then you may need to expand the notification that shows something like Charging this device via USB, tap for more options, and then select File Transfer.

Windows do not detect my smartphone?

When performing a full backup to PC and your android device won’t be detected by your PC, the following solutions will answer the question.

 android phone backup

android phone backup

Check if what you are using is the correct USB cable because Sometimes people try to plug their smartphones to their computers with an invalid USB, Micro USB or USB-C cable in their reach. All these cables are not meant for plugging of Smartphones to PC  so this may be the cause of your smartphone not showing up in Windows.

In the above shown picture, for instance, the third-party cable on the left can only be used to charge an Android smartphone. And the official LG Micro USB cable on the right, can be made use of in transferring data.

Once you are with the right cable, your smartphone will be shown in the Windows File Explorer as one of your system drives. If you’re using a Mac, you may need OS android, install Android File Transfer, install the software, and launch it immediately after connecting your phone to your PC. It will automatically start up after that.

Using a third-party backup utility to backup android phone

We strongly recommend google backup for android for backup of photos, contacts etc, but there are still alternatives if you do not wish to backup android to google account may be for your personal reason.

My Backup Pro

android phone backup

android phone backup

i think this is the best google backup Alternative. It is available in Google Play Store for just $7, this app backs up your android content without rooting your phone. Photos,notes, documents, app data, browser bookmarks, contacts, system settings, home screen shortcuts, alarms, calendars, MMS messages, SMS messages, music, and more can be safely backed up using this android backup software. The app allows you to organize backups at your desired times, like when on rest or free period, and saves the backup files either to the MicroSD card (if available)  in your phone or backup to cloud, making your data immediately accessible at the My Backup Pro site.

SMS Backup & Restore

Do youngest to to preserve every single text message you sent?  SMS Backup & Restore is a free android backup software that connects with your email account, Google Drive, or Dropbox to back up your SMS messages in XML format. This application software has made it easy to store backups on your computer and then send them via email to a desired location. It’s easy to view and restore your sent, inbox and saved messages selectively, or all at once.

Using your device manufacturer’s software to backup android phone

Almost all smartphone manufacturer obtainable have some kind of backup solution for your android smartphone. Majority of them are now moving away from computer-based backups to ease switching apps that let you port across your contacts, photos, messages, and the rest. Here’s a list phones with android backup software:

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