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tips on science and technology advancement, transfer in modern age

Basic concepts of science and technology

Science is the product of deductive reasoning, it is a research done by an individual or group of individuals. It is a collective ideas or knowledge of people whose primary aim is to use their ideas to solve a common problem.
Technology in the other hand is the end product of research done by scientists. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is the transfer of technology from the north to south. There are two types of technology transfer and requirements. This will be seen below;

Types of technology transfer

Appropriate technology transfer ; appropriate technology transfer is a form of technology transfer that does not hinder the development of momentum of the recipient region.

Requirement for appropriate technology transfer





Inappropriate technology transfer ; inappropriate technology transfer is the type of technology transfer that becomes a problem to the recipient region.

Major cause of inappropriate technology transfer

Lack of capital

Lack of manpower

Lack of education

Lack of religion

Application of science technology

Education ; now, its easy to acquire knowledge online with the aid of technology . formal knowledge can be acquired with out being physically present.
Health care centre; technology has helped a lot in the health sector. In diagnosis , and other medical services has improved much since the introduction of technology in the medical sector.

Transportation; since the introduction of science and technology, there is no much challenge of traffic in the roads. The use of traffic light and other traffic regulating devices has reduced traffic challenges.
Science and technology has disadvantages but the disadvantages have a lower percent compared to the advantages. Here are few disadvantages of science and technology.

Employment ; tech has made it easy to do a lot of work with just one device, this has made it possible for organizations to run their daily activities without many manpower.
Pollution; tech waste has been described as the most toxic waste as it can cause a lot of harm to individuals and the environment.

In 1976, a scientists named Barroson proposed the concept of tech transfer; he stated that tech transfer can only involve from high institutions. This law was proved wrong by bill gates’ micro soft.

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