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Top 10 most developed state in Nigeria

The most developed state in Nigeria: Top 10

Here comes our list of some of the best places to live in Nigeria.

1. Lagos State

Lagos is always ranked number 1 whenever it comes to pointing outs the most developed state in Nigeria in 2019. Lagos is a city that attracts millions of people from all over the country and the world. People decide to live in  Lagos because it is rich in industries, which practically means that you can always find a job without much stress, and it also boasts of wonderful infrastructure when compared to many other states in the country.

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Lagos state is known to have the fast-glowing economy. It is always regarded as the economic hub of Nigeria, and it is very popular all across Africa.

2. Kano State

This is unarguably the most developed state in the Northern part of Nigeria and also the most civilized state. It is the number one in the list of northern states in Nigeria. Kano Nigeria boast of agriculture and have so many places where many food crops are produced in large quantities and exported. The country’s economy gets money from the export of groundnuts been cultivated in kano Nigeria. Besides, some other petty trading are also going on in the state.

Kano Nigeria has always been a commercial center, and it remains onevof the best exciting place to live in 2019. It is one of the biggest economic centers in Nigeria after Lagos.

3. Anambra State

If you look at the map of Nigeria very well, you wont need to be told how small Anambra State is compared to others in terms of and mas. Still, this area is regarded as the ‘light of Nigeria’ because it has the tendency of  outgrowing Lagos and Abuja in the nearest future.

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Anambra State is blessed with a lot of  natural resources. Besides, local soils are arable, and this provides amazing opportunities for developing agro-based industries (farming, fisheries, pasturing, etc.) and creating future businesses that could become the basis of the Nigerian economy.

Abuja; photo:

4. Abia State

The state and its main commercial center Aba are also major economic hub of the nation. the place is naturally blessed with rich gas and crude oil. The production of these popular products brings nearly 40 percent to the state’s gross domestic product.

Most indigenes of this state  are involved in agricultural related activities, but some find jobs at the textile market and different plants that produce cement, soap, cosmetics, plastic, footwear, etc.

5. Rivers State

Rivers State did not just find its self in the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria, but it also boasts of an amazing wild life and flora collection. it is one of the most richest state in Nigeria with beautiful surrounding ranging from the sea and other factors that made it one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria.

6. Enugu State

Enugu state is an interesting place n Nigeria  where you can run your business, receive education, and spend your life the way you want it with no much worries. The state’s major city and capital is cab be found at the intersection of the roads that passes through many developed cities such as Awka, Markudi, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and Aba. This means that  residing here will means that you are close to the country’s biggest trading centers.

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Enugu state has a wonderful climate and great soils. The fast growing state is  enjoyed most when its air temperature changes from 15 degrees Celsius in November to 30 degrees Celsius in February.

Akwa Ibom State; photo:

7. Akwa Ibom State

Being geographically close to Abia state, cross river state and Rivers States, is also a wonderful place where many  Nigerians choose to live. Reason been it is developed and economically stable thanks to the gas and oil production. it also has one of the biggest stadium in Africa.

Besides, Akwa Ibom state boasts of many seaports, airport, and other infrastructure that attracts tourists, coming from different corners of Africa and the world.

8. Ogun State

this is a state that is located next to Lagos State which turns out to be the number one on our list. Being a major industrial and manufacturing hub, Ogun State boasts of sufficient job opportunities for specialists and young people looking for the right places to begin their career.

9. Oyo State

Being the passage route to many major states in Nigeria, Oyo State is one of the most developed state in south west Nigeria and is been rounded by Kwara, Osun, and Ogun States as well as the Republic of Benin. Nigeria Government focused on this state even before been officially declared independence. Oyo state is the home to the first tertiary institution in Nigeria, University of Ibadan which is now one of the best university in Nigeria and Africa at large.

These days the state boasts many high schools, several universities, many attractions for visitors from all over the country and from outside Nigeria, and opportunities for people who are interested in agriculture. The local climate is great for growing maize, millet, rice, cocoa, plantains, and other crops.

10. Kaduna State

Being situated a place that can be regarded as one of the heart of Nigeria, Kaduna State can be a good place for obtaining an education in the north as it is a fair place to live in the north.

The state’s capital, Kaduna city also named after the state is a big transportation hub with many roads network and railroad.

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