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How to open a free blog with a free blog maker

To start a blog with a free blog maker, you will have to choose a ninche to write about it assist your audience find what they are searching for. Take a look at similar web sites and build yours in order that it stands out from the rest (this should be the first thing to do before checking on how to open a free blog)

Good blog writing format gives you a assists you to have a better traffic with keywords to assist it pop up in various search engines. Pick a free blog maker with free domain like “WordPress” or Blogger, and make a few posts, making sure you use good blog writing format. Once you put up your first few posts, begin sharing your blog posts on social media to boost up site visitors.

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How to open a free blog with a free blog maker

Some known  free blog maker include WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, however you can choose any commonly used provider you want ( i advice you choose WordPress which is a very easy blog maker) . Once you’ve decided on the free mobile website to choose,  your free blog appearance will look like this:

Open the service’s internet site for your computer.
Create an account (ideally a loose one to begin).
Input your favored weblog name, then select a URL.
Select a blog layout and any other requested information.      

Promote blog for free using social media

After you must have opened a free blog and made some posts, you may boost your free mobile website by means of sharing your blog post hyperlink on social media websites E.g  Facebook and Twitter which turns to be a good way to promote blog for free. You can also try to use your blog hyperlink as your social media website link.

How to write self friendly blog posts

Key phrases” are phrases which includes to your blog’s topic and feature a high seek engine score. Using alexa keywords on your blog posts will make it less complicated for people searching the for content you have on your blog to locate it.

Blog keyword examples and keyword generators include

http://ubersuggest.Io/ or https://keywordtool.Io/ will give you a nice keyword research for blog posts. Recheck the keywords you got from the keyword generator. If you suit the key phrases into your blog posts in a natural way, big name search engines like google can be much more likely to crawl them frequently.

using images in your free mobile website

Another component that search engines generally use to prioritize over all else is picture use, so ensure your posts have excellent snap shots connected to them.

How to open a free blog using free blog maker

using blogger an easy blog maker

To open a free blog with blogger using blogger follow the below steps;

To open Blogger, Visit https://www.Blogger.Com/  on your internet browser, Click sign in (It is located in the top-right corner of the web page)

Sign up using your Google Account. Enter your email address and click on proceed, and then put your password and click on next. If you don’t have a Google Account, create one before proceeding.

Enter your mobile number in the space provided then proceed.

Choose your gender, to choose a gender  Click on the gender drop down container, then click your gender or the one you wish to use in your blog.

Free blog maker

free blog maker

Click on CREATE PROFILE. It’s at the bottom of the page.

Add a photo. to add an image just click on image section and choose the one you wish to use, upload it and then click save to continue.

Click CREATE NEW blog. It is within the center of the internet web page.

Choose a name for your site. also choose a sub-domain name for you new free blog. To choose sub domain name goto the drop-down menu provided.

If Google says that the address is already taken, you’ll need to figure out a unique address for your blog.

Click on Create!.  Your free website is live!. Now you have opened a free blog with blogger,go to your bloggers dashboard and start writing.

how to open a free blog using WordPress

To open a free blog using free blog maker ‘WordPress’, Visit https://wordpress.Com/ using your computer’s net browser. Click on Get started. its found by the side of the web page.

After clicking on get started you will be taken to another page where you will enter your details as required into the the space provided.

And then enter your preferred blog name. Now you are required to choose a blog category, then click on a category that fits your blog in the drop-down menu or you can also use the search option provided to search for your preferred category.

Enter your selected cope with in your blog. Within the top text container, write in anything you want your blog’s URL name to be.
Don’t embody the “www” or “.Com” a part of the URL right right here.

Click on on proceed to the “loose” option. This feature will be shown under the textual content field.

Click on on start with free. It is on the left side of the web page. Doing so will take you to the account creation web web page.

Input an e-mail address. Type the e-mail deal with you want to apply to create your account into the “Your e-mail cope with” textual content discipline.

Enter a password. Type a password in your account into the “pick out a password” text container.

Click on preserve. It’s a blue button at the lowest of the web page.

Confirm your email. While you are looking in advance to WordPress to finalize your account information, do the subsequent:
Open your WordPress e-mail inbox in a new tab.
Click on the open mail from “WordPress”.

Choosing name for your free blog — give your blog a name that you can comfortably share with others. You could choose to use a nickname, enterprise name, college name,organisation name, depending on your goal of creating the free blog . But it’s very necessary to always use a name that what you can easily remember and also be easy to remember by others visiting your new free blog.

Choose a subject on your weblog. The “challenge remember” dictates how your new blog seems. Scroll down to the “customize” heading, click on options, and pick out the subject you need to use to in your free mobile website. You could then click on set off this format at the end of the net page.
You would possibly need to click free in the higher-proper aspect of the net page to see results, complete topics only. Now you have opened a free blog with wordpress.

“begin writing””. You may begin your first blog post by clicking Write inside the top-right aspect of the window to deliver up the submit window.

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