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How To Start A Vlog, Beginners Guide To Vlogging

Owning a personal vlog sites has become such a business that most people being wants to go into but the questions remains how to start a successful vlog ? How do vloggers make money ?.

I will talk more about video vlogging reason being that most of video vloggers don’t even know what to vlog about. I’m using this medium to help ourselves in any way i can start by listing out some good ways to choose and some not favorable ways to avoid if you want to own a successful vlog sites in the future or remain a person vlogger if you have already gotten one.

Before we going further i will like to appreciate you for making out time to go through and see what i have to offer but I promise not to disappoint you, and will get you in by starting with beginners guide to vlogging.

google to introduce free wifi in these states

OK let continue with our deal and i commend you for making the right decision to create a personal vlog and the few tips on beginners guide to vlogging and getting vlogging income.

How To Start A Vlog

Are you ready to start a successful vlog? I guess your answer is YES, now you are well welcomed and there are some question you should ask yourself first such as:

  1. what is vlogging meaning
  2. what is the definition of blog
  3. How do vloggers make money
  4. How to start a blog
  5. What type of blog should i start, starting a fitness vlog

These are the basic questions you must ask yourself if you are really serious about starting your own successful vlog  and i will still unmask them a little bit one after the other to enable you understand it quite well. how to create blog

Should i create personal vlog sites or General Forum [blogging site]?

It all falls on you to choose some will like to have a personal vlog rather than forum while some will still prefer starting a fitness vlog but i will let you know some few things you need to know concerning the two, starting a vlog blog or a forum vlog.

=> video vlog sites provides access to one or few people that can do videos and publish videos while forum gives opportunity to all registered members to make and publish videos unless the owner decides to put restrictions.

choose titles for your blog,,learn how to

=> vlog Platforms gets comments quicker than new forum because it does not need any registration to comment in a Vlog platforms while many forum only enables registered users to comment.

=> Managing a vlog platform is easier then managing forums especially controlling spam.

=> many say that vlog platform is profitable more than forums but for me it maters on the volume of traffic you do get on a daily basis, that says how profitable any of them can be.

Now i have showed you few things to know before deciding to start a forum or blog sites and the choice is yours.

How to start a vlog

=>> Should i start using free host or should i buy cheap web hosting?

You can research more on whether to use free webhosting or low cost web hosting >> Free webhosting BlogSpot, Word Press or cheap hosting to start with

It all depends on how you need it if you still want to go into testing, you can start with YouTube vlog or a web vlog and with paid hosting and never depends on any free hosting but the choice is all yours.

=>> will I need money to pay and buy required things needed to run my personal vlog ?

Its obvious that some people still don’t yet understand that lots of expenses is involved in starting a vlog such as:

=> Designing of your blog,

=> getting your video vlogging equipment

=> getting your vlog camera

=> subscribing with at least N2500 night Monthly internet data plan

=> You Need a good personal Computer.

As a beginner you should be aware of the above needs that you must take care off because you can’t just start a vlog empty handed.

Template or design of your vlog platform

You might have seen lots of fitness vlog, personal vlog, lifestyle vlog, travel vlog etc with different designs and you love to make yours look like any of them then prepare to employ someone who can put you through or design something it for you and that’s the only available way.

traffic signal you need toknow

If you are really mean to follow this beginners guide to vlogging to start a blog and get vlog income then forget about free surffing and pay for at least N2500 for 4.5GB monthly to keep going, you can check Updated data plans >> (Updated) Full List Of Internet Data Plans Subscription Codes And Prices

You Need a good personal Computer or desktop

You need to have a personal computer before getting into vlogging platform because starting without personal computer will be like going to farm without cutlass so the first and also basic step is to get all the required things needed available. monitor your sites perfomace in

=>> What can i offer my audience to make them love my vlog platform or forum?

One of the father of mistakes beginners do is to think that vlogging is all about copying and posting videos on YouTube from other YouTube channels, some bloggers who finds it very difficult to make their own videos always buy the idea of copying and posting on YouTube and tumble, and it will eventually not lead you anywhere.

Getting popular on the internet is all about getting answers ready to peoples questions before they ask it, creating awareness, providing people what they search to know and bringing all the help that you can. learn about seo with

Buying the idea of Your dreams keeps you stronger:

To start a vlog is not that easy as it seems to majority of beginners it requires a lot of hard work to create a vlog platform and have a successful vlog because nothing good comes easy as hard work is necessary to sky rocket your success.

If you are seriously in need of cash urgently then starting a vlog is not for you, because it’s only your passion can lead you there and having a great passion in vlogging is as good as knowing where you are really going which am trying to get my self convinced that you knows the direction to your very destination.

Starting a successful vlog requires time and patient:

You have to work hard and wait to harvest the fruit of your hard labor because in vlogging. you must work before getting your pay, you don’t get paid before working, hope you do understand. how long does it take to rank in search engines

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