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Money makes the world a better place to stay, in fact with money you can buy humans if you want, and without money you can die young and poor.

As a young man or woman, the best thing that can ever happen to you is seeing your self “making huge sum of money on daily bases” by just sitting at home, logging into your Facebook account and making updates.

Very cheap and simple right?

Here is the sweetest part of social media, you can actually become a millionaire by simply pressing your smart phone, smile and drink without a single cough.

Do you know: Facebook page has the highest active monthly users in social media. With the wide range of features , Facebook is one of the best places to get to your market target audience. this then is how to earn money from Facebook page liker

Facebook page liker


Facebook pages is a social platform in Facebook where companies go to promote their products.

And so many business owners do not truly know how to deal with Facebook page and other social media websites.

In Facebook you can be paid to post political ads or product ads  like Jumia, jiji,and many delivery services also it can be used to showcase apps and games. this also answer the question how to earn money from Facebook page liker.

Many games and app developers are looking for promoters that will promote their product, and in return they earn money from Facebook page likes . 

Make money

Facebook page can make corporate firms pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote them and increase their sales.

This online money-making opportunity is best for people who like to use Facebook like booster

Starting Facebook advert is not a big deal all you need to know is how to earn money from Facebook page liker and it can be free if u have many friends and influence on Facebook (I.e getting many likes and comments) .

you can start it without having a website or blog, just search in Google for affiliate programs, under it you can choose to do publishing program and pay per click affiliate programs together depending on the company.

When you must have done with this ,,you then create a Facebook page and make it popular, now  u can start sharing your Facebook page links you copied from your pay per click affiliate program that you registered.

Facebook still run sponsored ads where u can pay just a little and let Facebook do the work of making it reach many audience.


This one is a type of performance-based marketing in which businesses rewards a certain percentage of commission for each product bought by the customers who were referred by the “affiliate marketing” effort.

I’ve written a lot about affiliate market place on this blog, in fact, if you paid attention to  my previous publication, you would notice how lucrative affiliate marketing can be.



There are many laying affiliation programs to help you get started with affiliate marketing and earn money in “Naira” such as Google AdSense, chikita,cj union,uc Union ,and so on

Funny enough, our students are becoming increasingly interested in affiliate marketing because of the ease at which they are able to and is also answer the question “how to earn money from facebook page like .

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