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For one reason or the other, you may want to connect your laptop to your satellite box using a simple TV tuner. TV tuners come in both internal and external models, although the external are easier to use and install – their is no special tool needed as you don’t have to open your computer case. Most TV tuners come along with their own TV-viewing, which may have digital and cable TV capability. Also, Windows Vista and Windows 7 both have Windows Media Center, which can access digital signals from your satellite tv box. To connect laptop to TV follow the below guide;

Step 1. Connect the TV tuner to a free USB port. Insert the installation guide CD that came along with your TV tuner and follow the instructions for installation. If there’s no tuner in your CD, allow Windows to automatically search and install the drivers.

Step 2. Now connect one side of a coaxial cable to the jack on the TV tuner. And then connect the other end to the video out on your satellite tv box or straight to the wall jack.

Step 3. Then open Windows Media Center, or the software that came with your TV tuner. Follow the on-screen prompts to detect TV signal and set up your provider.
Step 4. Allow the software to search for available channels. If the software don’t get any signals, change your connection. If you are on the wall jack, change to the satellite box, or vice versa.

Step 5. To sum up, install the electronic program guide for your provider. Windows Media Center will prompt you. Finally, For other programs, you may need to manually initiate the process. You can buy a cheap and best functional laptop  from Amazon.
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