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The giant ‘GOOGLE’ sets to introduce unlimited wifi plans in nigeria

As it has done in four different countries—India, Indonesia, usa and Thailand—where the service has been launched, Google will partner with  wifi providers in Nigeria to provide free eifi and also provide cheapest wifi in places that are not listed for the free wifi. It offers a cloud-based platform and devices to supply and manage hot-spots. Google Station locations will embody high sound areas like malls, airports and colleges. Already live in four locations in Lagos, the service are going to be swollen to two hundred locations across 5 extra Nigerian cities—Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan—by the tip of 2019.

The LAN service isn’t the Google’s 1st net access-focused initiative in the continent. In Ghana and Republic of Uganda, ita launched Project Link through which it builds fiber-optic networks to assist local web service suppliers and mobile operators offer quicker broadband. the company is additionally in talks with mediumoperators in Kenya to launch Project Loon, AN ambitious attempt to beam web to users using solar-powered high-altitude balloons. Facebook additionally has a history of net access projects in Africa, as well as specific LAN and Free Basics.

While these projects are couched as moves to assist additional Africans come online, they’re also plays to extend revenue. raised net access suggests that additional Africans can pay time on-line, doubtless usingtech companies’ product and therefore driving revenues through advertising and paid services.bringing bank to your door step

In Nigeria, as Google Station can concentrate on major cities in locations mainly frequented by the centerclass, it’s unlikely that users are going to be connected to the net for the first time through the service. however regardless, as users access the free service, they’ll even be boosting Google’s revenue. the company can legitimatise Google Station through native advertisers and share revenues with technical partners, in line with Anjali Joshi, vice president of Google’s Next Billion User program.improving safty in yourk place and at home

The service are going to be an upgrade for several users although. Google Station’s speed of thirty megabits per second (Mbps) far exceeds the one.86 Mbps average net speed in Nigeria, in line with a worldwidebroadband speed league by Britain analytics firm Cable. Google is well aware of Nigeria’s net speed limitations: last year, during his 1st visit to Nigeria, Google CEO Sundar Pichai launched YouTube Go, AN“offline first” version of the favored video sharing platform for users with slow net connections.nigeria moves to upgrade technology

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