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Glo network:How to share data, check data,recharge,ussd codes,subscribe,tariff plans on Glo

How To Check Glo Balance

To check your Glo airtime balance Dial #124# > Enter 1 on your mobile device then wait for an instant reply from GLO network displaying your airtime balance on your phone screen.

How To Check Glo Number

To check your Glo number by making use of USSD code dial *135*8#; the 11-digit numbers assigned to your line will be displayed on your screen. Also, a notification sms will be sent to your message inbox to explain more the info you got from the USSD command.

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How To Recharge On Glo

To load airtime on a Glo network sim, All you will have to do is to first of all purchase airtime amount of your choice and then dial the recharge PIN in the following USSD format: *123*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For eg, If the airtime PIN is 1111 2222 3333 444, include *222*111122223333444# and press Send or ok. Then it will bring out a notification stating that you have successfully recharged your Glo Sim.

How To Share Data On Glo Network

Now one can buy a data plan and share with his wife and kids instead of being in possession of different data plans. Anyone you share your airtime with gets notified via sms with immediate access to the internet. To ADD people to share with dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127. And if you want to remove a contact from your data sharing list dial Send “Remove” the contact to 127. Eg Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

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How To Subscribe On Glo Network

To buy data on Glo dial *777# and select the data plan of your choice to subscribe. Glo network offers 2GB data for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, to subscribe to the plan, dial *127*53#. They also offers campus booster whichever an extra advantage to the customer.

Glo Tariff Plans

Here are the cheapest Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code
Glo Tariff Plans Migration Codes
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan Dial *211#
Glo Jollific8 Dial *123*PIN#
Glo Infinito Dial *100*9*2#
Glo G-BAM Dial *100*5*1#
GLO bumpa bonus, Dial *100*10*1#
Glo Yakata Dial *220#
Glo Bounce Dial *170*4#
Glo Free Tomorrow Dial *300#
Glo Generation G Dial *170*5#
Glo Formula Dial *323*PIN#
Glo IDD Packs Dial *777#
Glo BiiGy Packs Dial *170*1#
Glo Jolof N25 Dial *0805*25#
Glo Jolof N50 Dial *0805*50#
Glo Flexi Dial *123*PIN#

Glo ussd codes

These are glo ussd codes commonly used to purchase MB from glo

50 15 MB 30 MB 1 Day 14 *127*14#
100 35 MB 70 MB 1 Day 51 *127*51#
200 100 MB 200 MB 5 Days 56 *127*56#
500 800 MB 1.6 GB 10 Days 57 *127*57#
1,000 1.6 GB 3.2GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
2,000 3.75GB 7.5GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
2,500 5GB 10GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
3,000 6GB 12GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
4,000 8GB 16GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
5,000 12GB 24GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#
8,000 16GB 32GB 30 Days 12 *127*1#
10,000 23GB 46GB 30 Days 15 *127*11#
15,000 30GB 60GB 30 Days 16 *127*12#
18,000 45 GB 90GB 30 Days 17 *127*13#

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How to Get Glo Jumbo Plan

Glo Jumbo plan is the default plan that comes with every new Glo SIM. It is more or less the welcome package for Glo network. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to do anything to begin enjoying the huge benefit it offers.

However, this Glo jumbo offer is not meant only for new Glo customers. Existing customers can also enjoy the huge offer simply by migrating to Glo Jumbo plan –  to migrate dial *224# to begin enjoying the plan.

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