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Getting Started With Mobile Banking In Nigeria, Us, Others

mobile banking
Mobile Banking is a newly introduced service in the banking sector. It enable customers to conveniently and securely carry out their banking transactions using their mobile phone. How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

A standard mobile banking platform will enable you send and receive funds and also check your bank account balance and statement at the comfort of your home. Also, buying airtime and paying utility bills is an added advantage when using mobile banking platform.

How does Mobile Banking work?

Mobile banking services are offered via mobile apps, web and SMS. Banks like bank of America, access bank, chase bank, PNC and many others offers all options. Although their are others who offer one or no option. How To Pay att Phone Bill At Ease(at&t)

However, a smartphone is needed to install Mobile banking apps. Moreover, if you are not sure your bank had a mobile banking platform, confirm from your bank customers care service to avoid falling into wrong hands. You will need to install your bank mobile app from app store. And then register with your bank details to get a login username and password.
mobile banking app

Difference between mobile banking and mobile money

However, mobile money is used for making payments for goods and services. It allows you create an e-wallet on your mobile device to make payments and is not directly tied to your bank account. Of course, you do not necessarily need a bank account to use some mobile money services. How To Transfer Credit On Mtn With Mtn Transfer Code

On the other hand, mobile banking is directly connected to your bank account. In fact, it is your bank account its self. Mobile banking gives you access to easily perform transactions and pay bills from your bank account. The two also have different objectives. Mobile banking was introduced into the banking system to for easy access and to make payments more convenient for account holders.

Advantages of using mobile banking

• Easy access to your bank account
• Payment of utility
• Payment of bills
• Checking of statement of account
• Banking from home and lots more

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