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It has become a tradition to blame to blame the media for everything that goes bad in the society these days. Effect of social media on youth has become the talk of the day.

Its obvious that all Media has a big influence on youths. television, GSM, computers, cinema, video games, social networking sites – it heavily affects all aspects of youths life. But Effect of social media on youth is not all negative effects. If used properly, there are some positive values. This post shows both positive and negative social media effects on youths.

Positive impact of social media on youth:

  1. Help create Awareness:

Many youths live a sheltered life. But due to awareness from various social media outlets, they can build awareness concerning the society and the world. All this awareness is important if we want to have a generation of both political and socially responsible youths. With news mediums, magazines, social networking sites blaring about world happenings, youths can get to know that there is more in the world than just what is obtainable in the hood in the ‘hood. TIPS ON HOE TO START A BETTER CAREER

  1. Help create Social Skills:

Some youths are socially awkward. social Media gives them the opportunity to develop their social attitude. It also provide them with opportunity to grow their social circle and make new friendships. Other advantages include social confidence, grown literacy in the system, and more social value which in turn helps to develop more social .live necessary for well being.


Social media totally inspires the youths, its obvious and can be confirmed by looking at a number of successful youths that got their ideas from social media. Example are bloggers, believe me most bloggers got their inspiration from social media ads and posts and also started there.

4.skill development:

Its no longer story that people now write about what they do and post it on social media for so many reasons best known to them. Sharp youths also take advantage of this opportunity to grab knowledge from this posts. Companies too do advert on social media which they display some’ know how’ and discuss about them. This is a very good and Effect of social media on youth. how to use seo

  1. Developing Reading And Writing Skills:

When a learned people write a post about something, some brilliant youths may want to grab a knowledge too. Effect of social media on youth is not just that it helps in some other things outside education, it also improve reading and writing skills.


But these positive effect of social media on youth cannot deny the fact that there are negative impact of social media on youth.

Negative effect of social media


1.fake life:

One of the major effect of social media on youth is that it has made so many youths today to be living a fake life and try to make others believe that they are what they are not. When they are trying to live to expectation, they may find themselves doing all sort of things.

2.enhances violence:

Its no longer news that the major place to grow army is on social media. What I mean by these is that it now serve as a medium to ‘spread hate ideas’ and also organize protests and some unlawful acts. Also are good example of negative effect of social media on youth.


This has been the order of the day since it is no longer news that most fraudsters now operate in face book. They do all sort of frauds, they started with hacking accounts to get your personal information and uses it to thieve from people especially those that have their payment details on face book. They also use it to confuse foreigners and lie to them about a particular thing or promise to marry them. All this are negative effect of social media on youth. make money using email


4.unnessary spending:

Many advertisers now introduces things that makes you have fun and commercialize it. This cause youths to be spending unnecessarily. This becomes negative Effect of social media on youth especially when Advertisers target youths to meet up their revenues. And many youths fall to the idea of happiness commercialization.

  1. Obesity:

Chances are youths today spends most of their time in pressing phone or laptop. Having recreation outside has become an undoable thing and it results to having obesity epidemic at hand.

6.poor performance in school:

Many youths mostly students now have dedicated all their time to charting, this has hugely affected students, now resulting to poor performance in school.


How To control Effect of social media on Youth?


Ensure to cross check groups and pages you want to join before doing so. If its some thing that will negatively influence you then try to avoid it. Avoid trying to impress people on social media because it will land you to trying to do something that you wouldn’t want to do. monitor your sites performance in

Avoid joining or charting with people with no or hidden identity for it might be attempt to hack your account or still dupe you in a more smart way. Avoid joining any drug related page or group. Try to avoid some things you see online examples are promotional contents , why because it will make you to see some things you may want to have at the initial time , or if it’s a video you may want to watch it thereby consuming your data. plan your sites with

Try not to be addicted to charting, this can really cause a lot of harm to you both physically and mentally. It can also make you to develop obesity, to control this, always try to do exercise. how to start a networking business from scratch

Don’t allow your self to be denied opportunity because of social media, no when its time to get some rest or when its time to go to work or do some work. Its advised to only chat when necessary and when in your leisure time. Also don’t forget that you really don’t have to impress anyone just that. With this it will be very easy to control effect of social media on youth. learn how to plan keyword  on


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