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How some people do live without a fridge is one thing that is hard to imagine. To have a fridge means that you wont be having any need for one to be going to the grocery store each day to get ready for meals — your fridge stores the vegetables, the cheese cool, and the meat and fish fresh and at the ready all week long. In this article we will discuss about refrigerator power usage and what makes it consumes more energy. Steps to find TV tower locations (antenna)

Refrigerator power usage

Refrigerator power usage

just like any other useful home appliances, the convenience is so standard that we hardly think of it anymore. We also might not even think about how many energy does a fridge use. Who still use a mini-fridge? How many Watts does that use also?

In this plain article, we’ll explain in details a simple formula one can use to check out exactly how many watts your fridge or mini-fridge uses. We’ll also give you some take away guide on refrigerator power usage and control.

How Many Watts Does a Fridge Use?

To find your fridge energy use, you will have to find the basic formula for finding wattage which is volts x amps = watts.

One can easily find out refrigerator power usage and how many watts  fridge uses by taking a look inside the fridge. There is always a sticker inside wall of the fridge near the front with its technical specifications.Top 40 most useful android secret codes and hacks for android device

Amps will be shown as amps, amd volts might appear as VAC. This simply means “volts alternating current.” Alternating current is the type of electricity used to power homes. Lets take for instance, you have an older fridge that lists 115 VAC and 7 amps.

115 VAC x 7 amps = 805 watts

Some of these latest fridge, especially Energy Star-certified models, only consumes between 100 and 200 watts. So a new energy-efficient fridge wont be a bad option.

This draws us back to those days your mum will always tell you to close the fridge door, for them they really didn’t know that they where reducing refrigerator power use, they thought its just for what they kept inside to cool fast. Wattage use for a regular-size fridge can grow up to 1,200 watts while the compressor kicks in, or in “starting wattage.”

Refrigerator power usage

Refrigerator power usage

Tips For Reducing Refrigerator Power Usage

  • Keep your fridge away from any heat source, example, oven or anywhere sun can come into the house from.
  • Open the fridge door, grab what you need, and close the door
  • Always fill up your freezer to about ¾ full to make the freezer or fridge not no over work to cool empty space
  • Before putting an item inside the fridge make sure its not a hot object as these will definitely make the fridge to over work thereby increasing the watts used by a fridge. It will be very OK to put room temperature items that are already cool fridge.

How Many Watts Does a Mini-Fridge Use?

The use of watt by a mini-fridge can be figured out with the same formula. Lower-wattage models can varry between 85 to around 100 watts while running. But so many mini-fridges can go up to 250 watts.

Noted tips for keeping your mini-fridge’s compressor from always turning on and enhancing the starting wattage. buy a brand new freezer , follow this link

  • Always put a mini-fridge in the open space, not in a closed area
  • Ensure you place the mini-fridge far away from any heat source.

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