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Easy Guide To Pay Dstv Subscription Online In Nigeria

Have you been looking for how to pay for DStv subscription online? Here is it, you can renew your for dstv subscription online if you wish to pay for their services at home. The simplest way to do this is by using DStv Eazy self Service.

Dstv Easy service enables customers to pay for their Dstv hd decoder subscription or somebody else’s satellite tv subscription. You don’t have to be in multichoice offices in Nigeria before you can pay for this digital TV receiver.

You can pay for any satellite TV subscription while in your work place or at the comfort of your home. If you want to renew DSTV subscription and activation follow this step-by-step guide to get all you need to know.

Pay Dstv subscription
Pay Dstv subscription

DStv is a multichoice owned digital satellite TV service that began its operations in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1995. Multichoice which provides Nigerians with products like Dstv, Gotv with a wide range of different TV channels contained in each.

Majority of DStv broadcasts are mainly for entertainment – from movies and TV shows to events, internet TV, tour and sports programs. The company is boosting of over 8 million subscribers in Nigeria and the number is fairly rising. Most of its subscribers are from Nigeria and South Africa, but one can also enjoy his or her favorite channels via internet TV anywhere.

To pay for Dstv subscription in Nigeria, you don’t have to visit any Dstv office as you can do it from the comfort of your home without any stress or extra charge. Ways to pay for Dstv subscription

Pay for dstv using POS

  1. Put your card and enter card PIN. Select ‘Payarena’ option and account type.
  2. Select ‘Bills Payment‘ option and pick ‘DSTV
  3. Enter smartcard number and phone number.
  4. Enter amount to pay and press ‘Yes’ to complete the subscription process.

Dstv now
Dstv now

How to pay online for DStv service in DStv website

Of course, the first available option of paying for this satellite TV is by visiting the official website of the company to pay.

  • Firstly, proceed to DStv website.
  • Then choose the country where you reside and enter your Smart card number.
  • Click on VERIFY.
  • After this step, you should go and confirm that your payment was successful. To check the payment summary, go to VIEW BALANCE AND PAY. There you will see the exact amount you are required to pay.
  • Tap on PAY button. Once aftr you do so, you will see the Payment Subscription page with details of your account.
  • Choose eTranzact payment option and BankIT and enter bank account number.
  • After that, get a generat 6-digit password and after entering it, tap on submit.
  • Now you will have to call *389*00# with the mobile number that is connected to your Bank account and receive the OTP code.
  • Input the OTP in the appropriate space provided and tap on PAY.
  • Now, the payment feedback should display that the transaction is completed successfully.

How to pay dstv with PAGA e-Pay

Online payments method are the most used methods for so many transactions these days. PAGA e-Pay platform is another online method used to pay for your DStv hd decoder. This is a step byvstep method to PAGA Dstv Subscription ;

– First of all, you will have to go to the official page of PAGA e-Pay and sign in to your account.
– There you will view a list of online payment methods that are available in your region in your country.
– And choose Paga e-Pay and continue by following the procedure.

Pay Dstv subscription
Pay Dstv subscription

Pay with GlobalPAY

If you wish to make online payments via GlobalPAY, you can eqaully use it to pay for your DStv subscription also.
– At the starting, you will have to visit and then log in your account.
– Then you should switch to the PAY page and select GlobalPAY.
– After that, put in the information required to complete the payment. This includes your First Name and your Last Name. You should enter your Customer and Smartcard numbers, e-mail address and contact phone number.
– At this point you will be redirected to complete payment on
– After that, you will view the GlobalPAY website, and select your Card Type, fill in your Card Number and tap on “Pay” button.
– Once your payment proceses has been completed, you will have to go DStv Eazy website to view your account information.

Dstv self service
Dstv self service

PayU platform

For subscribers who make use of VISA and MasterCard cards to make some purchases, you can also use the PayU system to pay for DStv service.
– First of all, you need to visit website.
– Then, you should enter all the required information of your credit card, such as cardholder’s number, card number, CVV number, and expiry date.
– After that, the transaction will be done.

Pay with Quickteller

If you wish to make your satellite TV online payment. This method of payment is connected with the integrated billing system and is simple to use.

– To get start, you have to switch decoder’s status on your Dstv account from connected to disconnected.
– Then proceed to, sign in and choose the DStv.
– After that, you need to put in your e-mail address, mobile phone, and smartcard number.
– Ready? Click NEXT.
– input your name, as it is stated on the DStv subscription and confirm your smartcard number.
– Then you should tap PAY and select the type of debit card type you have (MasterCard, visa, Interswitch, Verve).
– put in your debit on card details – card number, expiry date and the 4-digit PIN of your card.
– The last step! After you tap on PAY, the purchase will be successfully done and you will have access to the DStv services.


Another easy method to make your DStv explora through eTranzact system. The system enables you to pay for your subscription directly from your bank account online. Also, one can make use of gadget or laptop to complete the transaction.

Pay for dstv
Pay for dstv

Eazy Money

Nowadays days, paying online for you digital tv receiver has become very simple.
– just like other payments platforms, firstly, you need to go to website.
– And fill in your mobile number and Eazy money PIN.
– After that follow the prompt to complete the payment.

Other Payment Methods to pay for DStv online Payarena

With the use of Payarena platform, DStv subscribers can will be able to make payments from their gadgets online or by visiting POS and ATMs around. But as a result of people not having the time, the online method had become the preferable. If you wish to pay online using Payarena, follow these procedures:
– Go to
– tap the ‘DStv’ logo.
– choose the desire
d bouquet, type in your smartcard number, email address and submit this information in just one tap.
– After that, select a payment option (Visa, Mastercard) and provide your card details.
– The last step to finish the transaction is to fill in authentication code, like iPin for Visa or Securecode for Mastercard.
– After that, your payment is done.

Dstv app
Dstv app

My Personal Assistant

You can also make use of the personal assistant service to pay for DSTV explora. With the use of this debit service clients are able to pay on behalf of cardholders anytime they want.
– The first step is to proceed to
– sign into your personal account and tap on My Personal Assistant.
– Then you will have to click on new payment instruction and select DStv.
– Put in your decoder smartcard and phone number. The phone number is required to receive SMS notification later.
– choose the end and start dates, choose how often you wish to pay for this service. And tap on ‘Save’.
– Next, you will need to choose your payment option (Visa, Mastercard) and put in your card details, which are required.
– Last, but not the least is to insert in the authentication code.
– After the dates are choosed, money for the subscription will be withdrawn.

Pay Dstv subscription
Pay Dstv subscription

pay Dstv with Zenith bank

Zenith Bank has a popular mobile wallet in Nigeria. To make use of this application, you first have to download it.
– Visit
– Log into the website and choose Bill payment.
– Then you should use either Eazy money or your bank information to finish the purchase.
– put in the amount of money you are required to pay and enter the 4 digits of your PIN.
– then an SMS will be sent to you to confirm the transaction.

Three fastest options to pay for DStv subscription online: StanbicIBTC Direct Debit, Baxi Box, Konga.

Stanbic IBTC Bank service is a fast way to pay for DStv service online, if you are a Multichoice client. With just one click, you can make use of your debit card to pay for your DStv subscription.
. Baxi Box is a nice platform that help you to make pay TV payments online. The company’s services are available all over Africa and of course in Nigeria. It is fast and simple to use.
. Konga platform is the last on our list to pay for Dstv explora. You can go to directly or install the app on your Android or iOS devices. Once you are done installing the app, log into it. Follow the step-by-step procedure to pay for DStv subscription without any stress.

Now you have a detailed lists of payment options for you to choose any you wish to. Hope the list was of great help or will be of help to you. Is true that online payment is not the only and easy way to pay for DStv subscription but the most convenient way to save time and money.

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