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Mobile phones has gone so far in our daily activity and has helped a lot in various field of life .It has helped in making communication very easy and helps in circulation of information. It has gone a long in our lives that does no longer enhance only information and communication but also ease some others field of life like web access , Banking sector [mobile banking], educational development and so on. Imagine that you are directly or indirectly in use of all the above mentioned features and your mobile phone gets faulty especially when you don’t access to a professional repairer, or at night when no one is out there to help and fix it or when you don’t have enough money to take it for repair. At this point I think you will be looking for any available option to use and fix it or get connected back to the web as the case may be, I think It’s something e that you will really have to tackle it your self , its not something that is as hard as we use to think or as they made us to think . These are some steps that can get you on the safer side of getting connected to the system again

        PHONE NOT POWERING ON­­;  phone not powering on is one of the most confusing fault because it can be caused by so many things example, phone falling into water , in this case all you have to do is just loose it and dry clean it properly and air it or allow sun to hit it a bit. Phone not powering as a result of over charging or high voltage , all you have to do is to remove it from the plug and remove the battery [for non inbuilt batteries only] if the problem persist after removing and putting back the battery then you need to loose it and clean the panels well with fuel or any spirit.

OVERHEATING;   over heating is the most common faults found in the society I mean technology faults, it can be caused by so any things like , over charging of phone, over charging of phone really affects the phone even doe the manufacturers are now wring that living your phone plugged in long after it full does have any impact on the phone but it affects the battery, isn’t this a brilliant idea by the manufactures? So that your device will continue to spoil and you will continue to patronize them. Always monitor your phone when its plugged on light to know when its full and to unplugged it.


PHONE NOT CHARGING; after making sure that the charger is in normal state and confirm that its ok, then you need to use spirit to clean the charging pot after that check the battery contact if its in position and if the battery firmly fits in, if the faults persists then you need to loose the phone and clean the panel properly ,check the resistors that are located in charging pot area and the capacitors. If after doing all these and still its not responding then you need to wait and take it to a professional to avoid creating more problem for your self.

NETWORK ISSUES; a phone without network is a common calculator, this is because it is what makes the phone to function and be useful to the owner. So now imagine you have a phone without network , it means you are only using it to do other minor things that are not the main reason you bought it. When you cant get access to internet it then means that its either your data is running low or that your network signal is not strong, fixing it depends on the problem, first check if your phone is in reach of network and is getting it very well, check you data and confirm that you still have enough data, if non of this is the cause then you need to on airplane mode for like 5 minutes and then remove it and see what happens next also try to remove the SIM and insert it properly again. Always ensure that you have a specific place that you are sure that you can get enough network at any time, after trying all these and still is not connecting then you need to open your phone and check the network IC and then clean it properly and make sure its not covered with dust or any other thing that can make it not get network.

BUTTONS NOT PROPERLY FUNCTIOING; this can be caused by water entering into the keypad, or turning out of one or more keypad or also as a result of rust inside the keypad panel touch. Solving it you need to first of all check if all the keypad are well fitted in its unit, check the keypad paper and confirm that has not turn out and fix it if it has. Also check if the panel has not rust and if it has then you need to clean it very well and insert the paper properly. Sometimes you may need to use any sharp object to open the contact between the button , the paper and the panel, make sure the button is in direct contact with the panel. For touch screen phones [best handled by a professional] you need to open the screen and ensure that the calibration is tightly fitted with the screen and ensure that the contact is clean and all lines well connected.

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OFFLINE CONNECTIVITY ISSUES [BLUETHOOT, WIFI,HOTSPOT]; this is always not a major problem but can be if you are using it as an option to access the internet or to connect to other devices, if the problems comes then you need to if its un because sometimes it can be go turned off when some programs that interrupt them are turned un, programs like airplane mode or receiving call or some apps that can interrupt them. I by doing this and the problem still persists then you need to loose it check the connectivity IC for phones that have them. When it cant get done then you need to take it to a professional.

BATTERY DRAINING PROBLEMS; this can be as a result of battery problem and if its confirmed that the battery is in order then you know that it’s the phone that is getting faulty. This can be corrected by two method ; hard ware and software , firstly [using hardware] remove the battery and clean the battery contact properly then insert the battery back and make sure its tightly fitted to the phone, if still its not working then you need to open the phone and check the battery contact if its still in position and in accurate contact with the panel, try to fix it well and heat it with rework station if available. Secondly [using software] check the power consuming apps and close it, also check your phones brightness and reduce it; this is a good way to reduce power draining inn all devices. Also check if your data is running in the background and disable it.

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