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Access Bank mobile banking app & transfer codes

access bank mobile banking app

Access Bank is a multinational corporation and commercial bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It is one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of services, assets, loans, deposits. Also, access bank has the best mobile banking app and online platform. Getting Started With Mobile Banking In Nigeria, Us, Others

In this post, I will show you in detail  how to use access bank mobile app, online transfer code, how to get access bank mobile pin and also Access Bank customer care unit offers.

Access Bank Internet and Mobile Banking

Before we fully go into the know how, below are services you will enjoy using Access Bank mobile app and internet mobile banking:

  • To check your account balances
  • To review details of your account activity
  • To transfer funds between accounts
  • To pay your bills
  • To update and cancel your payments

Using Access internet and mobile banking, you can comfortably make transactions 24/7 at your own convenient time without visiting any of the bank branch. Using mobile banking app, you can transfer a maximum of N100,000 daily from your phone and buy a maximum Airtime of N20,000 per day. See the details below. How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

Internet Banking by Application

To get started with access bank mobile banking app, download, print, and fill the application form online or  alternatively visit any Access bank branch near you to get and fill the form.

After that, submit the form to the bank after filling the required information and must match information you provided while creating the bank account.

However, there are two types of Access Online Banking forms you can choose to fill:

  • Access Bank Corporate Application form – for business online banking
  • Access Retail Application form – for personal online banking.

After filling and submitting the form you prefer, the bank will then process your application and activate your online banking. You can use your this link to carryout your online transactions. Most importantly, register access bank mobile app with a password you can remember; although you can change the password anytime but the previous one must be provided.

How to use ATM cards for mobile banking

You can perform internet banking using only ATM cards. This is mostly used to day to day transaction for example, transfer of funds, payments and all transactions. How To Pay att Phone Bill At Ease(at&t)

There are differences between ATM cards: MasterCard, verve and Visa.

  • Access Bank debit Verve card used to make payments directly from your account locally (only in Nigeria).
  • Access Bank Credit Visa card is a dual-currency denominated payment card that enables customers spend and settle in naira for local transactions while all your international transactions are billed and settled in US dollars.
  • Access Bank Prepaid Card is a multi-currency reloadable payment card that is used for multiple channels transactions and is obtainable in four currencies; NGN, GBP, USD, and Euro; it is accepted worldwide.

Also, if you get permission from Access Bank to use any of the ATM cards for online transactions, it can easily be done by filling in your card details for easy internet banking.
access mobile banking

Mobile Banking

Access mobile banking can easily be accessed by customers who have their BVN and a phone number registered with the bank. Bellow are steps how you can make transactions using the access online app.

1. Register for Access Bank USSD banking by dialing *901# on your mobile phone.

2. You will be required to enter your BVN number to conclude your registration.

Following the above steps, their is no charge attached and you can have immediate access to your account.

Moreover, to carryout banking transactions, you will be required to use your authentication token issued by Access Bank. But in the event you do not have an authentication token, visit any Access Bank branch to get a transaction PIN. 10 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance

Access Bank Online Transfer Codes

Follow these methods to transfer funds from your account using codes:

1. To transfer money to Access Bank: dial*901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#  from your phone number associated with your bank account, then authenticate with your transfer security code which is the last 4-digits of your BVN number.

2. To transfer funds to other bank accounts – dial*901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. The charge is N80+N4.00(VAT).

3. To buy airtime from your access bank account dial *901*Amount#

4. To check the status of your account – dial *901*5# from your phone number associated with access bank and type in your security code.

5. To purchase data for all communication network – dial *901*8#.

Also, you can create access bank account by dialing *901*0# and follow the text prompts:

  • Provide all required details and your BVN number if necessary;
  • After that, you will receive an SMS with details of your new account number.

Customer Care

You can contact access bank for assistance, additional queries. Also you can reach out Access Bank Contact Centre on 07002255222377 or send an email to

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