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A review on Trumps U.S administration

Checking from the first two years of the Donald Trump White House, it have been eventful. But let’s not talk about the drama and but focus on the numbers.

Let’s calculate the president’s progress so far on his agenda and how it is viewed by the American citizens and the outside world.

And there are some interesting – and surprising – comparisons with some of his predecessors.

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How are his approval ratings?

Donald Trump started his tenure as one of the most unpopular leader in the new age and he is still so.

His acceptance rated only  37%, according Gallup rating. Presidents Barack Obama got (50%), George W Bush with (58%) and Bill Clinton (54%) they all were higher at this point.

Chart showing Trump's approval rating against other presidents

The only American president in recent years to have such low rating like Mr Trump at this stage was, Ronald Reagan, who also did so languishing at 37% in 1983. His figures slowly increased after that and he go further to win second term as president.

One back bone for Mr Trump is that he still got the backing of Republican voters – he has the 88% approval of his presidency. If he maintains that high number, he wont face any serious challenge to be the Republican flag  bearer in 2020.

Chart showing how stable Donald Trump's approval rating has been since he entered the White House
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How has he run the White House?

President Trump’s government has repeatedly been described as chaotic and dysfunctional by many of his critics.

Many senior officials who have either resigned, fired or forced out of the White House – but has his tenure been worse than previous government?

Well, not quite sure, Research by the Brookings Institution let us know that 65% of his senior-ranking advisers had quit the job just within the two-year mark but that’s not what to judge with. Doe its considerably more than many of his recent predecessors.

Normally, a president’s major team sticks together throughout the first year and may have changes a little in the second term – but for president Trump, the resignation have been wonderfully regular since day one.

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Has he kept his campaign promises?

The inadequate stability in the White House has displayed when it comes to calculating Mr Trump performance with policy.

He has had trouble so far delivering in many areas where he’s needed, despite been in control of both chambers until Democrats regained the House at the beginning of January.

On health sector, for example, he is yet to succeed on his campaign promise to kill off former President Obama’s Affordable health Care Act, which has enabled up to 20 million previously uninsured Americans get health cover but far from the rising premiums.

His major legislative performance was concluding the tax reform bill, which made corporation tax  reduce from 35% to 21%. Individual cuts for homes did not help Republicans in the concluded mid-term elections.

His other major achievemen was appointing and getting two new Supreme Court judges confirmed, including the popular Brett Kavanaugh, who faced allegations of sexual assault during his confirmation process.

Chart showing how well President Trump has done at meeting his campaign promises compared to President Obama

The president has made use of executive orders to make some tough decision and policy goals like moving  the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and also withdrawing US from the Paris climate agreement. He has also reduced troop levels in troubled states, like Afghanistan and Syria.

Independent fact-checking portal Politifact stated that President Trump has delivered only few of his campaign promises, while more than half of it have been blocked or dropped.

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Has he delivered on immigration reforms?

Constructing a border wall sponsored  by Mexico was President Trump’s main issue during the election time but it still appears not to come true.

In December, after criticism over his inadequate to start the wall from some notable commentators, Mr Trump kicked off an unprecedented 35-day partial government shutdown.

Chart showing how Trump's 35-day shutdown over funding for his border wall was the longest ever gap in government funding

He led the Democrats into having a deal, but he was later forced into reopening the regime without any concrete agreement

While on the shutdown, Donald Trump stressed that the wall was needed to tackle a “growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border”, including “thousands of illegal immigrants”.

Bar chart showing apprehensions on the US-Mexico border have fallen since 2000

President Donald Trump kept on to press Congress to review US immigration laws, including putting an end to the visa lottery system and also the “chain migration” that gives priority to relatives of already legal US residents.

He got victory from Supreme in June last year, when it ruled in his favour on ban of people from many  Muslim-majority states from coming into the US on grounds of maintaining national security.

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How has the economy fared under Trump?

During his campaign, president Trump made a vow to create 25 million jobs opportunity and over 10 years and promised to become “the greatest jobs president… ever” in America.

However, the economy under President Trump remains the same level as it was under former President Obama administration – the unemployment rate is really going down day by day and wages are rising very fast.

His decision to start a trade war with China was one of his worst mistake. It led to increase in tariff on many U.S goods.

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How are things looking for 2020?

The upcoming election is something to think about by both Democrats and Republicans.

Mind stringed  by a good set of mid-term election outcome, the Democrats are optimistic and are likely to retake the white house.

Chart showing how Donald Trump would fare against potential Democratic rivals in the 2020 election

But  whichever turns out to be, the early signs and the mid term election shows that President Trump is in for major  battle.

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