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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

A MUST KNOW TRUTH FOR ALL!! If  You Want To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything In Nigeria

Is websites converting megabyt [mb] to money, can it pocket money ?

making money

money money

Asking this question is like asking, can I sell my hair to make money online? You and I knows that this is unusual work from home jobs or not even possible. The money that you are spending is only to buy the data from your network providers, and they males the money from the card you bought not converting data to cash and the money goes to them only . websites do not gain from your data they only gain because you visited not because of your data, they get the money from the ads not by converting your data into cash . The sponsors pay the money to show their ads on websites and the host of the website gets their commission for displaying the ads in their website.

A funny blogger was asked ‘how can one converts mb to cash? He stood and said ‘all I know how to convert is

megabit to kilobyte
gigabit to megabyte
megabyte to kilobyte
bytes to mb formula

That’s funny right? That’s how funny it sounds like when you ask how can you convert mb to cash.

How can I make money as a student without paying anything

This question should have been how to convert cm to m, how to do conversion in chemistry or imperial unit, isn’t that funny making money as a student depends on you the student. You can really be earning money without it affecting your education. Making out time that you meant to be used to have some fun or gist with some people can really make you some cool cash.

To earn money as a student isn’t that complicating and can be found easy if well utilized; you can make money by running a blog. Running a blog is one of the easiest way to ear money not only online but even offline. When you create a blog, you have to be making good post for your blog and knowing about SEO will help you to get more traffic to your blog. When you start to get many traffic for your blog then you monetize it with any ad network like adsense, chikita, etc and make cool cash.

pocket money

pocket money

How does watsapp make money

How does watsapp pocket money? The most simplest way to answer this question is just to say ‘yes’ $1 at a time. In most developed countries, the app cost about $1 to download; i9n99 some others, the first year is free, but the following year it costs $1 – in other words, WhatsApp has a subscription model. And it has about seven million users worldwide. It yearly revenue can be estimated at $700 million per year at this peak.

how does facebook make money  

FACEBOOK makes their money from ads that they to show on Facebook through the means of sponsored posts. Individuals do pay Facebook to promote their companies, business, religious purposes or their product. From here, facebook pocket their money by showing the advert ones timeline and stories. They pay facebook some amount of money to show their adverts.

Going into affiliate program

Some affiliates program can really make you extra money without paying anything. Going into affiliates as a student or even a beginner will require you to look for a particular affiliate and focus on it alone. When it comes to choosing affiliates program, you can go for any of the affiliate programs all over the net like wakanow, amazon, jij, nnu etc, I will advice you to try because it has no mush stress, it also pays promptly and do not take time before getting you approved. It does require you to get a product sold out before getting paid. It has many others ways you gan make a big as 50k per week. Using these great ideas, you can easily make money online without paying anything in Nigeria.

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