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Some times you feel that we are getting every thing right when publishing, still you have never gotten up to 1000 unique views per month traffic and only few of your post are showing up on search.

If each and every part of your posts is not getting anywhere ranging from a few to some couple of thousand search visits per month, then it means that you’re doing something that is not right or doing something right wrongly.

Here are nine major reasons that you are not getting your desired search engine traffic.

  1. Your Site has not been Indexed

If your site has not been indexed, they can’t generate traffic for you. The question now is why isn’t my website getting more traffic?

Search engines (google and other search engines) will crawl your web automatically, but these are some steps I used to get free traffic to my website fast:

  1. Create an XML sitemap with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  2. Submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

If your website or blog becomes more popular or get SEO friendly, Google’s spiders will visit your site more often and index your pages and content very rapidly.EARN MONEY HAVING FUN

  1. You’re Not Writing what People are Searching For

The first thing you should have in mind when writing a blog post is figuring out what people want to know about . Ignoring this step is like starting a business without researching what people want to buy.

If you want to get traffic to your website free, you need to conduct keyword research. But telling your self the truth, how regularly do you actually do research on it?

It’s your primary assignment to create content that is related to keywords that people are really serching. To help you figure out which keywords people are searching for.

  1. You’re Not Creating Keyword

How to increase organic traffic to your website with focus keyword, once you discover exactly which keywords that is mostly search by individuals, you need to use google traffic tool and also write content particularly for those keywords.HOW TO START THAT YOUR NEW CAREER

When researching about keyword, make a list of keywords and target it to your audience, make it relevant and ensure that they are searched more than 500 times per week. Then write one post for each and every keyword.


  1. Not Putting Keywords in Your post Headlines

Headline is one of the most important part of your post when it comes to getting search traffic.

When you search a word on google, the keyword that you search always appears in the headline, and mostly shows in front of the headline.

So, when you want to rank for specific keywords, then they need to be in your post headline and most importantly near the front.

  1. not enough content

Its obvious that its search engine main objective to provide best result to its visitors, it’s their objective to give relevant and high-quality content results when being searched. basically, the best and most thorough web site will rank more as its keyword will always appear at the top spot.

For instance, if you create a post of 100-word on the “how to get search engine traffic” while another publisher created 3,000-word, and its content covers every nook and cranny of the article with authority, search engines like Google is likely going to find a means to show the 3,000-word post at the top and drop post to the bottom.some errors done when programming and solutions

Your main purpose with each and every blog post you are creating should be to creat relevant content and to also create ultimate resource for that specific keyword. 2,000-words or more per blog post is a good rule of thumb.

  1. You’re Not Creating Sharable Content

A research confirmed that Google’s search results are at minimum somewhat based on the amount of Tweets.

In the research they found a direct correlation between amount of tweets and search result rankings. Web sites with more than 7,500 tweets, on average, held the 5th spot for their keyword.

This is another good sense too. If your blog post are being shared by your audience, that’s a well sign that it’s content is of high quality and worth a bump up in the search results.make money online with adsense

  1. Not Linking Externally and Internally

One major way to make an ultimate resource for a specific keyword is to link it to other resources within your blog post, both externally and internally. Doing this has 3 main positive effect on your post , they are;

  1. It makes your blog post more valuable.
  2. It makes other content on the subject easier for Google to index.
  3. I have found out that one of the best means to get backlinks is to start by linking to other website and them in return will link back to you. I guess you know what this means when it comes to ranking and also deriving traffic.
  1. You’re Not Using WordPress

One major benefits of using WordPress is that it generates pages that are easy to index. If your website is that easy to index, then Google will rank it higher.

WordPress is generally acknowledged as the best website building platform partly because that’s what all the major online portals are built with. And the people that are using it , do recommend it.The key here is to have a well-coded website and WordPress takes care of that for you.

  1. Not Optimizing Your Images

Optimizing your images goes a long way in search engine rankings in two ways:

  1. You are likely get traffic through Google’s image search.
  2. It’s good way to tell Google what your primary keyword is.

Here are the major ways to optimize your images:

  1. Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.
  2. Add alt text as [keyword phrase].
  3. Add title tag as [keyword phrase].

The Last Word

Once you fall into the routine of researching keyword, its necessary to use google keyword planner for it’s the best to make your post get more and trending keywords depending on your niche.improving safty in your place of work

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