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Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to install a TV tuner to a car in a few steps.

Gone are the days when we rely only on radios, DVDs and CDs, thankfully, we install a TV tuner in a car now to watch TV shows. As a driver, sometimes you find yourself in a long queue that might take some time to free

How to setup & Watch live TV in Your Car Free

Maybe you are trapped on-road heading home, and it’s time for your favorite live tv show. It could be a big football match coming up. Or you went shoping with your kid’s and it’s time for their favorite stories on cartoon network yet, you are

How To check a Car Battery System using a Multimeter

Are you facing issues with your car battery? Did it make that awful sound when you ignited it? It could be that nothing happened at all when you turned it on. Here’s how to check a car battery with a multimeter to get accurate reading.


Have you been searching for the best football streaming service and the to followw up all competitions, events, and other sports activities?. Here is a detailed guide to walk you through smartphone apps and online portals to stream live football and other sports matches with

How to fix Vizio smart TV problems – step by step

Maybe your home television is faulty or you are researching for a TV to buy, now you wish to know the best TV brand or model to suit your home. If you choose to buy vizio tv, its necessary to know common vizio smart tv

How to add apps to Vizio smart TV- spectrum, hulu & xfinity

As streaming services are taking over the television market both cable and satellite TV providers are diverting gradually. Likewise, various smart TV now has an in-built TV network app enabling streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows. Moreover, You can add apps to Vizio