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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Dstv service centre addresses, contacts & self-service options

This is a compiled list of Dstv service centre for subscribers in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) also Dstv south Africa head office. If you have any complaint you can visit any service centre near you. However, below are some addresses of Dstv address in Abuja

How to find satellite position to aim for Directv & dish network setup

Satellite networks has been a performing way of getting a TV signal through satellite antenna and dish. The satellite dish are offered by various providers and it’s connected to their satellites, receiving high-quality digital signals that offer a variety of channels and movies. However, if

Puzzle Games Are Good For Brain Improvement – This Is Why

Are you exhausted with regular office and home tasks and looking for any free online puzzle game to reset your brain. I got bored with home chores, power shut-downs, solving minor and significant problems at home also. There’s always a way out; I used jigsaw

How To Use a Jigsaw Machine To Cut Curves, Carve woods, make straight lines & Maintenance

This post is about how to maintain jigsaw and how to cut curves perfectly using the right . Jigsaw tool is an upgrade of the hand saw tool, its safer and easier to use. Another name for jigsaw is ‘reciprocating saw’ or ‘machine powered saw’

Tips for buying reliable coaxial Cable cord for satellite TV connection

The cable TV coaxial cable can be just as essential as the antenna. Buying the best cable will surely bring out the best performance of any satellite TV connection. If you want to buy coaxial cord, there are considerable points to note. Buy a good

Tv Weight Loss Programs Best For 24 Hours Fitness

These days, people tend to loose weight and regain 24 hour fitness by all means. Some methods been used to burn fats are really alarming. People fails to go through exercise physiology theory and application to fitness and performance when seeking for weight loss. Now,