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Monthly Archives: January 2019

guides on choosing universal remote control for homes

Tips on choosing remote control for your TV set, DVD player, game console In recent years visual experience has greatly improved as a result of technology. Almost all the families now do not only have one television but also has so many other electrical gadget

WhatsApp reduce message forwarding limit to fight rumours

WhatsApp Short’s message forwarding limits to curb misinformation and rumors… WhatsApp fight against fake news has gone a long way to….

how to access hidden menus on phones: android and IPhones

How to access hidden menus on phones:Android phone or IPhone  Do you think you’re one of the smartest Smartphone expert?. You really observed both iPhone and Android phone inside and out and you become the who always help out friends and family with their mobile

Top 40 most useful android secret codes and hacks for android device

Secret phone codes and hacks are now used to help ease the use of android phones. For decades now android developer has given their best definition of Mobil devices with the development of android operating systems. Secret codes for Android mobile operating system. If you are

Technology slow down in china; effects of US-china trade war

Technology slowdown in CHINA; as a result of US – CHINA trade war news For china, the major impact of the ongoing trade war between US and CHINA is the slowdown of acquisitions in technology. This is the biggest disturbing impact coming from the US

JAMB 2019 registration date and subject combination for all courses

Jamb 2019 registration and subject combination for all courses JAMB 2019 registration date is from 10th January 2019. Cost of JAMB registration. PIN: #3,500 Compulsory Reading Text: #500 Service Charge for Registration: #700 Total: #4,700. The JAMB Registration 2019 will last for 6weeks JAMB 2019