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15 Ways to Make Money Online (Earn legit money fast 2020)

Are you searching for trusted ways that allow you to earn or make money online without stress? Have you ever experienced being out of cash and no one to help? Do you know that you can earn legit money fast online?.

Running out of money is very annoying mostly when there are responsibilities or other little things you need to take care. How To Start A Vlog, Beginners Guide To Vlogging

In this article, I want to reveal different ways to make money online especially if you are looking to earn passive income online.

Here are legit ways to make money online fast without stress!

1. Affiliate Marketing

how to earn legit money fast

how to earn legit money fast

As a beginner, you can choose to sell other people Products online. You can use social media platforms to market and sell other people products online and you get a percentage from what you sell.

Using this simple way to earn legit money fast cost you nothing just hard work and dedication. Affiliate marketing makes you really cool money online as people are always in need for goods and services. And when they buy it, you will get commission.

Some of the top sites to start affiliate marketing includes Clickbank, Jumia, Aliexpress, Gerbest, Konga, Amazon affiliate program and more.

There are a lot of simple ways to work on this, you can start making money without paying anything, also you can start by creating ads and sell traffic. But the most important thing is to stay updated about your chosen way to earn.

2. YouTube Channel

Make money from YouTube

Make money from YouTube

Open a YouTube account and start creating quality videos about your passion and then monetize your videos using Google Adsense.

When you are done making quality and engaging videos, it’s time to join the YouTube Partner Program. All you will have to do is just to enable your channel for monetization. You will make money when ads start displaying and get paid for every thousand views on your videos.

3. Logo Design

Make money designing LOGO

Make money designing LOGO

Learning design and logos making will help a lot as a freelancer on many sites.

Before starting as a free lancer, you just need to be good in some tools — illustrator, Corel draw, photoshop etc

You can learn design and logos making YouTube, searching on Google or physical learning in cyber cafe.

After mastering logo design, now you can register to become a free lancer on any freelancing sites such as — Upwork, 99designs, freelancers etc.

4. Instagram Marketing

Creating Instagram account

Creating Instagram account

Opening an Instagram account is very simple part but getting followers is the big deal and will determine your online success. Growing Instagram account doesn’t need to be hard, you just have to be seen always. You can earn legit money fast on Instagram by:

  • Choose a Niche. Comedy, fitness and food niche are hot on Instagram
  • Think of a catchy simple name
  • Signing up
  • Upload about 5+ niche related pictures every day
  • Start creating awareness by following others
  • Comment and like same niche posts to be noticed

After growing your IG account follower.

Its time to get connected with brands. Use your platform to market other people’s product and services… Like a micro influencer thingy. Remember to offer a free gift and get emails and build your email marketing list for more marketing.

5. Earn Legit Money Writing For Blogs

if you are a freelancer who wishes to earn legit money fast writing but is not satisfied with the income writing on gigs, then here are hand picked freelance websites that are paying handsomely  for articles and blog posts. However, you get paid when you contribute content to the below listed websites and blogs.

6. Email Marketing

Earn through email marketing

Earn through email marketing

Email marketing is an old but functional means to earn legit money easily by building an email list. Providing a free Book or course from your own products and encouraging the users to download it from their email.

Similarly you can use many tools online to build this list, for instance Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, others.

After creating audience through email listing, it’s time to figure out ways you can make money with your newsletter.

If you are getting started with email marketing, why not why not check out our digital marketing course page.

One thing to note when exploring ways to monetize your email list is to provide a relevant content to your audience.

You can use your email list and make money by:-


7. Language Help

You can really make money helping others learn foreign languages.

That is to say, you can easily build an online course and sell it on or any other sites which sell e-books and courses. Likewise, you can work as a freelancer translator on,

8. Website development

Making cash from blogging

Making cash from blogging

Learn how to create websites. Using WordPress, you will not have to learn HTML & CSS. Making money from blog and website is simple, you only need to be patient and learn how to run a successful blog step by step.

After building a successful blog, its time to think of  earning money from it. Apply for AdSense with your website URL. Also you can make money from working with big companies from home. Similarly you can build complete websites and then sell it on Envato Market.

9. Create Niche Websites Featuring Google AdSense Ads

Opening popular niche sites can help visitors searching for specialized information, and equally making you some cash by monetizing it using Google AdSense advertising links.

You will need small investment but all you need is high traffic to make enough income from your website.

I’ve made a detailed post on this topic. See the article below.

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10. Sell Photos

Sell Photos Directly from Your Website

Photographers never wanted to by the idea of selling photos on any website because they felt it involves an expensive e-commerce site and complicated payment system.

Yes, this was very true in the past, but with advancement in payment platforms, its now very easy to set up your own site to sell images.

Creating a WordPress website will give you advantage as there’s already made plugins and themes designed specifically for selling stock images.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a website and can’t afford one,then go to option 2 until you save up some few box and and then get back to option 1.

Sell Photos through a Third Party Website

The simplest way to list your photographs as stock images for sale is using a third-party microstock website such as iStockPhoto, Dreamstime and so on.

You may be paying some commission on each successful sale of your image. These fees varies depending on the sites and on the restrictions of the licenses you offer. Most of  these sites offer between 20% and 60% royalty to the photographer per each sale.

11. Write an Ebooks

Make money selling eBook

Make money selling eBook

Writing an in-depth ebook about a particular thing you love and are good at. You can sell it on Amazon, affiliate programs, Facebook, Instagram and other ad platforms.

If you have passion about anything, you can research and write about it. Using the Amazon Kindle store, its easy to create can publish an eBook and make money with no stress.

The secret to success with eBooks is to create a unique and write non-fiction. Publish Simple bundling information you have researched and compiled on a specified topic (eg. ‘secrets’ to finding a job) and then writing it in an easy to digest format (an eBook) justifies someone spending a few box on it.

Furthermore, having a great cover designed so it stands out, and when your book is live on the Kindle store, it should have some reviews so it shows up higher in search results. To achieve this, encourage readers to leave an honest review at the end of your book.

Finally, one most interesting thing about this lucrative idea is that once you’ve spent your time creating eBook  (say 18 hours), you’ll earn a passive income for years to come.

12. Start Blogging

Create a website and blog about what you have passion for. You can earn legit money fast through blogging by Monetising it through various affiliate links and AdSense.

Creating unique, interesting and engaging blog posts can help make money through ads, affiliate links and some other revenue options. Your blogging success may be subjected to your writing talent.

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13. Join Fiverr

Pocket money from fiverr

Pocket money from fiverr

Fiverr is the most trusted marketplace for people to make money rendering small services (known as ‘gigs’).

Whatever you offer, there most be a buyer. From writing and translating, social media posting, acting pranks and teaching how to create music, graphic design, voiceovers and short video clips for people all around the world.

The common known price start from $5, but you can add extra services to gigs to get more money. On the other hand it might not seem like much, it can easily add up and there are a lo of instances of people making a really good living from these sites. The goal is to set a system in place which reduce the time spent on each gig.

If you don’t want to sell, you can brows  Fiverr and get inspired.

14. Social Media Management

A times, celebrities do look for managers to help them manage their social media. Brands also hire people to render services for them. Example comments and sharing news.

How to get your first Client?

Start with searching for one major client or brand. If you focus on finding one client, you will definitely find one.

Just focusing on getting one client and trying everything possible: networking events, LinkedIn, friends of friends, etc. At times the first client comes from the oddest of places!

15. Start online Coaching

Social media coaching

Social media coaching


Determine what sort of coach or mentor you plan to start and what you can offer. Options included are, starting your own business as a business or personal (life), taking an internal coach/mentor role within a business or working in the voluntary sector.

Search and find out what will make you a great coach or mentor and also how your skills, experience and expertise will differentiate you from other coaches or mentors.

See if you need any additional skills and frameworks and go for complete appropriate training, as required.

In conclusion, I have covered a lot of  legit ways to earn money fast online and ideas that can make you money in Nigeria or any part of the world. Also this article can help teens and student make money while living their life.

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