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10 common electrical and electronics device mistakes and how to avoid them


We really face somany problems when it comes to electrical side,so many people do makes drastic mistakes when using electrical and electronics device .some of this mistakes include >>>>>

Pressing device when plugged in current

Sleeping with your device on top of your body

Over using your electrical appliance

Not using your electrical equipment frequently

Making it in reach of many children

charging your device with small or low voltage generator

using full brightness of your screen when in use

not taking automated warning from our systems serious

not maintaining your device

multiple use of a device at time

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>>pressing devices when plugged in>>>

Sometimes because of one reason or the other we do use our electrical device to do one or two things, this has a huge effect on both the battery and on the makes the system to be slower when ever you are using it unplugged to also dulls the performance of the device being it laptops, mobile phones or any other electrical assets.lso it can make your battery become weak completely .it can cause battery drains or discharge when you are not using it or when is not running any reduces the life span of the battery.


>>sleeping with your device on the top of your body>>

Many people do sleep with their devices on top of their body, this has really become one of the most common mistakes people do now, some even go far by putting it in their under wears. This is very wrong and must be avoided as it not only affect the phone but also affect our body part .imagine having sting your self ablaze, how does it sounds? Crazy right ,this is the same thing with keeping your any electrical and electronics in your will met down your body and it cause cancer, infertility and can also lead to death.


>>over using your electrical appliances>>

this is very common among youths and adults ,some people even looking for a means to prevent their devices from running down so to enable them keep using it always. This is a very wrong practice, even we humans do get tired so do devices too, and constant use of any device can lead to breaking down or malfunction of the particular device. This can also put you in risk of electrical shock.


>>not using your electrical equipment frequently>>

As the case may be , with so many reasons many people do not use their properties for along period of time. This might be as a result of insufficient funds for either maintaining it or lack of power supply, what ever may be the case ,it is very wrong to keep it idle or asleep for a long time as it will make it slow when you want to use it, it can also make it not to respond when you try to operate it, not using your electrical device can be worst than over using it depending how long it have stayed.


>> keeping it in reach of children>>

It is well known that any electrical device should not be kept in reach of children. This is because they actually may have little or even no knowledge of the device that they are operating there by abusing it or excess use , children also can get their selves injured or cause their selves great harm when using it. They can also get the device damaged or cause it to be malfunctioning. It is always very important to keep it in height or a hidden place when ever you are not around or not making use of it.


>>charging your device with low voltage>>

This might not look so serious or may not been taken serious by even professionals but the truth is that it lowers the capacity of our battery cells. It limits the power that batteries can receive at a time, this is being one of the major problem that don’t know that they are facing and they are facing it every day. It does by weakening the cell of your battery and making also loose its power retaining ability.


>>using full brightness of your screen when in use>>

this do not have any major effect on the device but on you operating it. This is really harmful to the eye, eg. of devices which this challenge are laptops, mobile phones and tablet. The effect may not show immediately but may be harmful in the future, it ca cause eye problems and also skin problems. It does this as a result of direct and very bright light that get in touch with our body thereby making it a bit lighter than as usual. It also pass radiation through light rays that it produces, this is more of a health issue so it tends to be more serious than people thinks.

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>>not taking automated warning from our system serious>>

Automated signals sent by our systems are always not considered as a warning and it is what that the manufacturer set to let us know if there is any malfunctioning or miss management or needs attention of the user. Some products when get heat up will give signal so that the user will take a necessary measure, sometimes when the device is slow it gives signal especially if its mobile phones or laptops. It is so much very important to pay attention to any warning given by our devices.


>>not maintaining our devices>>

This is also a very big mistake that people do, many people only service or check their devices only when its faulty. Why waiting for it to get faulty or get damaged before you check it ,checking your device helps in reducing cost of managing any device and also makes it to last longer and serve you better. Even a newly purchased device is also important that it is been checked to any challenge that is facing it and how to fix it.

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>>multiple use of a device at a time>>

Its no longer news that so many people has chosen to kill one bird with only one stone. When it comes to electronics side, people are now looking for a way to perform almost all tasks with one particular thing, people using chrome browser will be using different tabs to browse different things at time in one system, some are playing games and the same time chatting with the same phone, some chat in different social media at a time there my weakening the ram of the device, some are even using their system to sub the internet and at the same time playing music with it. It is very important to always concentrate on one thing whenever you are using any device.

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